The most frequent wager that gamblers would include in their parlays is a moneyline wager because of its familiarity and potential payoff. Do you require a special method or equation to determine whether a five-team parlay for the upcoming NBA season will be profitable? If you were to add three or four moneyline favorites, how much would that parlay pay?

These queries are addressed by demonstrating how to determine moneyline parlay payouts.

Making Moneyline Parlay Payout Calculations

Parlays are collections of bets known as legs that combine to make a single stake that guarantees the victory of every moneyline it contains. Parlays provide extraordinarily huge payoff when they succeed despite their inherent danger.

Due to the payouts, large bettors frequently find it difficult to estimate how much they will actually receive from a sequence of moneylines they intend to place. When there is no access to a sportsbook site or a moneyline parlay calculator, this problem might make choosing a precise set of moneyline bets difficult.

Here are two steps to help you determine your moneyline parlay’s payout.

American Odds To Decimal Odds Conversion

For US gamblers, who can use almost every sportsbook in the country using the American odds system, this is the first stage. You must convert your moneyline parlays’ American odds into decimal odds in order to make the subsequent step simpler.

This kind of odds is greater than 100 because American odds are based on a $100 wager. A favorite team or player is indicated by odds with a negative or (-) symbol next to them. The underdog prices are those marked with a plus sign (+).

The amount of money that must be bet in order to win $100 on American odds. You must stake $150 to receive a payout of $250 or a profit of $100 on a team with -150 odds to win. On the other hand, if you wager $100, you will receive underdog American odds. $100 bet at odds of +160 results in a payout of $260 and a profit of $160.

Let’s use the following teams’ NBA odds as an example:

*Miami Heat +175 
*Golden State Warriors -125 
*New York Knicks +115
*LA Clippers -130

For our parlays, we have two favorite and two underdog moneylines. The odds for the Warrior are converted to a decimal representation using this formula for favorites.

*Decimal odds are 1 – (100/ American Odds).
*We calculate the Golden State Warriors’ odds as 1-(100/-125) = 1.80.
*Use the formula listed below for Miami underdog moneylines.
*Decimal odds equal 1+ (American Odds/100).
*When used to Miami Heat, this will result in: 1+ (+175/100) = 2.75

Divide The Moneyline Payouts by Two

To determine the true chances of this wager, we multiply each leg by itself after obtaining the parlay decimal odds for your moneylines. A four-team parlay is calculated as follows:

(decimal odd multiplied by decimal odd multiplied by decimal odd) equals parlay odd.

Referring to the first four examples:

*Warriors of Golden State 1.80
*Florida Heat 2.75
*Los Angeles Clippers 2.15 New York Knicks -1.77

(1.80 x 2.75 x 2.15 x 1.77) should be your four-team parlay, which is 18.84.

If you bet $100 on this moneyline parlay, you should receive a payout of $1,884 and a profit of $1,784. In contrast, a $50 wager can result in a payout of $942 or a profit of $892.

After you have determined your moneyline parlay’s actual odds, you should also take implied probability into account. The possibility of your parlay winning is indicated by this value. The equation is:

*Implied probability (1/parlay odds) times 100 = (1/18.84) x 100 = 5.31%

Your chances of winning the parlay payoff are only about 5% because you must win four moneylines, two of which are underdogs. This indicated probability applies to a four-team parlay, so take note of that. Making two-team parlays or including moneyline favorites in your wager will help you lower your risk.


To total or spread parlays, use the same formula. The totals and spreads staked for the English Premier League can serve as our example:

+10.5 for Leicester City and 110
+1 120 Aston Villa
Everton under 2.25 at -130
Liverpool at 4.00 and 120
Put the odds in decimal form:
City of Leicester (+0.5 2.10)
+1.83 Aston Villa
Everton 2.25 under 1.77
Merseyside 3.00 over 2.20

Once the odds are presented correctly, we multiply them to arrive at the following number: (2.10 x 1.83 x 1.77 x 2.20) = 14.97. Additionally, the implied probability for the four-team parlay is 6.70%. An investment of $100 in this parlay yields a payout of $1,497 or a profit of $1,397.


Yes, all over the country, the formula used to determine how much your parlay tickets will pay out is the same. Even though it may go by different names (for instance, bet builders or accumulators in the UK), it is the same everywhere.

A few bookies provide a variety of odds, special odds boosters, and markets. Make sure to research the betting sites in your state to find out which ones offer the best deals. For instance, if you want to get in on the action, Massachusetts sports betting companies will provide amazing odds for anyone willing to take advantage of them. Additionally, there is a wide variety of betting markets and special bets available at New York betting sites that are tailored to the city’s culture.

You can calculate manually while at home or at your neighborhood sports book to help you understand the payouts and hazards of any parlays. We have a parlay calculator for moneylines, spreads, totals, and other bets if you need to place a wager quickly.

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