In the past week, the effects of climate change have swept across the globe, with torrential rains in Japan and India claiming lives in South Korea.

Killer heat has been recorded in Europe and the U.S., while wildfires and drought have left countless people homeless.

In northern India, at least 90 people have died so far this summer as the country enters its monsoon (rainy) season, AFP reported.

Record-breaking downpours have also hit northern Japan’s Akita Prefecture, with Taiheizan alone recording 332.5 millimeters of rainfall in the 24 hours leading up to dawn yesterday (Nov. 16). In Gojome Town, Akita Prefecture, a man died in a car that was submerged in heavy rain.

Heatwaves are intensifying across Europe, including Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Midday temperatures in the Italian capital, Rome, reached 35 degrees today and were expected to reach a high of 43 degrees this week.

In the Greek capital of Athens, 먹튀검증 daytime temperatures have reached 41 degrees in the past 14 days.

The Greek government has decided to close the Acropolis during the day for the time being out of concern for the health of tourists.

Temperatures in Spain’s Canary Islands and Andalusia region were also forecast to exceed 40 degrees.

In the United States, a total of 14 states were under heat warnings as of 16:00 local time, with more than 100 million Americans under the influence of the heat wave.

Temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona, climbed to 47 degrees on the 15th, breaking a record set the day before.

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