Andersson Fouga, 44, who played for Brazil at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, was arrested by police on charges of unpaid child support.

The Associated Press reported on the 27th (Korea Standard Time) that Pouga was arrested by the police in Hyugranjidusulju and imprisoned in a prison outside Porto Alegri.

It has not been confirmed how much child support Fowga has not paid.

Pooga, who played as a central defender during his active career, was a member of Brazil’s winning team during the Korea-Japan World Cup.

But he didn’t play for the national team for a long time.

He played 12 A matches between 2002 and 2003, and was not selected after that.

Pouga, who made his professional debut in gremiou, based in portoallegri, moved to Sporting, Portugal in 2003, where he played for nine seasons.

He then returned to the Brazilian stage in 2012, spending a season in Corinthians, and retired.


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