The players of the U.S. women’s soccer team, who were eliminated after the worst ever performance in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, will receive much more prize money than when they won the championship four years ago.The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the 8th (local time) that the players of the women’s national team received the highest amount ever paid at this World Cup thanks to a collective agreement signed with the U.S. Soccer Association last year.The clause in the collective agreement that had a decisive effect on the rapid increase in the amount of payments for the US women’s national team players is that ‘World Cup prize money is distributed in half after adding the prize money of the men’s and women’s national teams except for the 10% share of the association’The prize money given by FIFA to the women’s national team, which was considered a favorite for the World Cup but lost to Sweden in the round of 16, was 2.925 million dollars (approximately 3.86 billion won). However, earlier, the US men’s team advanced to the round of 16 at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and received a prize of 13 million dollars (17.16 billion won).The difference in prize money between the men’s and women’s national teams, which advanced to the round of 16 equally, is because the total prize money for the Men’s World Cup is more than four times larger than that for the Women’s World Cup. In the past, the men’s and women’s national teams divided the prize money separately, but under the changed collective agreement, $7,312,500 (about 9.6 billion won), half of the combined prize money of the men’s and women’s national teams of 14,625,000 dollars (approximately 19.3 billion won). 50 million won) went to the women’s national team. The reward has more than doubled from the $2.73 million the U.S. women’s team received when they won the 2019 World Cup. In 2016, five women’s soccer players, including Alex Morgan, Megan Ruffino and Hope Solo, filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming that it was unreasonable to be paid less than men 스포츠토토존.

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