NC’s Koo Chang-mo is building up to his start. Despite the on-again, off-again status of the Asian Games (AG) team, the right-hander plans to increase his pitch count and innings with the goal of making a postseason start.

NC manager Kang Myung-ho said about Koo Chang-mo’s future plans ahead of the game against Jamsil LG on the 22nd, “First, we plan to use him as the pitcher right after the starter. It’s difficult to pitch back-to-back games, so I won’t pitch back-to-back games, but I will increase the number of pitches as the second pitcher. In my last outing, I threw 27 pitches, and now I’m up to 45. Then, in his next start, he will increase the number of pitches and build up to the start.” 카지노사이트

As for when Koo will finish his buildup, Kang said, “Once he reaches 80 pitches, he can start. For now, we are expecting around the first weekend of October. Of course, we will also refer to the content of the game.” “If he plays one or two games as a starter, I think it is definitely possible to start the postseason,” he said, also looking forward to Koo Chang-mo’s performance in the fall baseball stage.

NC will be traveling to Hangzhou with Kim Young-kyu, infielder Kim Joo-won, and catcher Kim Hyung-jun, who were selected to replace Koo Chang-mo. All three will be called up to the national team on the 23rd, so NC will need a replacement for the time being. “We are thinking of Lim Jung-ho and Ha Jun-young as left-handed pitchers in the bullpen to replace Kim Young-gyu, and Kim Han-byul as a shortstop to replace Kim Joo-won,” Kang said.

In addition, regarding ace Eric Peddie’s next start on the 26th against the Changwon KIA instead of the 24th against the Changwon Doosan, “Peddie can make up to four appearances before the end of the regular season. It’s the difference between making a start now or later after a four-day break, and I think it’s better to make a start later.” “It’s really important for the team to have a strong ace like Pedi. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be in this position on the leaderboard.”

On the day, NC’s lineup was Son Asub (designated hitter), Seo Ho-cheol (third baseman), Park Gun-woo (right fielder), Martin (center fielder), Kwon Hee-dong (outfielder), Oh Young-soo (first baseman), Do Tae-hoon (second baseman), Kim Joo-won (shortstop), and Ahn Jung-yeol (catcher). The starting pitcher is Choi Sung-young.

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