“People around me say it’s best to hold on.”

GS Caltex libero Han Da-hye (28) held a meaningful event commemorating the 10th anniversary of her debut in the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s First Round match against Cheong Kwan-jang Red Sparks held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 20th.

Han Da-hye, who graduated from JoongAng Girls’ Middle School-Wongok High School, joined GS Caltex in the 3rd round, 5th place in the 2013 rookie draft, and has continued her career as a player only at GS Caltex without a single transfer. In her 200th professional game, she has a receiving efficiency of 44.96% and 2.975 digs per set. In the 2020-21 season, she played a leading role in GS Caltex’s treble.

GS Caltex coach Sang-Hyeon Cha said, “Hana-Hye Han is a player who has been with me for a long time. It is difficult for one player to stay in one team for 10 years. Whether voluntarily or unwillingly, being a player for 10 years with one team without being traded is amazing. I want to say congratulations. He has survived 10 years and is currently the team’s starting libero, which is great. “I am grateful to the players for joining forces,” he said.

Dahye Han said, “It’s incredible that it’s already the 10th anniversary of his debut. I can’t believe it, but it feels good. “Thank you for taking good care of the team,” he said. “We were notified in advance that there was a commemorative event and were preparing. “I think I was overly nervous,” he said.

It is not easy for anyone to play for 10 years in one team.

Ha Da-hye also said, “I am grateful to the director who trusted me and entrusted me with it. “I always thought I would hold on as long as I could, but it’s already been 10 years,” he said with a laugh.


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