Lee Woo-seok (26, Kolon) won a double gold medal at the Asian Games after a five-year wait. Lee, Oh Jin-hyuk (Hyundai Steel) and Kim Jeduk (Yecheon County Office) defeated India to win gold in the men’s team archery final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Saturday at the Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center Archery Range in Hangzhou, China. Lee’s performance in the final was dazzling. He shot five of his six arrows at 10 points .Five years ago at the Jakarta-Palembang Games, Lee had to settle for two silver medals after reaching the finals of both the individual and team events, losing both finals by a single shot. In the individual final against Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Hall), he lost 4-6, and in the team final against Chinese Taipei, he lost 3-5.Lee’s dreams of an early retirement from the military were dashed. Lee Woo-seok cried after losing the individual final. After winning the silver medal in the team event, he said, “The military is not bad. After winning the silver medal in the team event, he said, “The army is not a bad place.” Lee promised to work hard and stand in front of the people again, as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held in two years. But the promise was not fulfilled .Despite performing well in the selection trials for the Tokyo Olympics, he was unable to travel to Tokyo as the Games were postponed due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The road to Hangzhou was not easy either. The event was also postponed by a year due to the pandemic, and Lee had to go through the national selection process twice to make it to the Asian Games .He was able to overcome all the misfortunes that came his way because of his persistence .Although he was recognized as a “genius archer” early on after beating out his peers in high school, Lee Woo-seok’s real weapon is not talent, but hard work .He first picked up a bow in the third grade of elementary school and has been training every day since he was in middle school.Before coming to Hangzhou, he pushed himself even harder. He stayed alone in the training center at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village every day to do individual exercises. This year, the “Ready Ace” has been on a tear .He won bronze at the third World Cup, silver at the fourth, and a silver medal at the World Cup Final, which was a thriller. In the World Cup team event, the team won three gold medals in a row from Games 2-4.Last month, he won the men’s title in the country’s most prestigious tournament, the Jeongmong Gubae. Lee’s average score in official competitions this year is 9.52, the highest among the four members of the men’s national team .Leading up to the tournament, archers were all saying, “Keep an eye on Lee Woo-seok. Lee did not disappoint, winning two gold medals. In a series of twists and turns, he completely erased the disappointment of five years ago, when he only won 토토사이트 two silver medals.

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