An unbelievably favorable decision was made for North Korea as well. 

The referee controlled the game. 

So, how good is the match against the home team, China?

The Republic of Korea Asian Games national soccer team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong (55)

will face China in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games soccer quarterfinals at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium at 9 p.m. on the 1st (hereinafter Korean time).

China, whom we faced in the quarterfinals, is one of the most difficult opponents of this tournament.

This is because a strong ‘home territory’ is expected. 토토사이트

Chinese spectators are famous for their enthusiastic cheering. Regardless of the sport, every stadium is filled with people constantly shouting ‘Jjayo!’, the Chinese word for ‘let’s go!’. 

In addition, there is no video assistant referee (VAR) in this tournament, so there are great concerns ahead of the match against China

which is famous for making harsh fouls against its opponents.

The quarterfinal match against China will be held at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium, which can accommodate approximately 50,000 people. 

As the Asian Games were held in China, all stadiums were filled with Chinese fans, regardless of the sport. 

And they shout “Jayo!” from the beginning of the game until the end.

In addition to cheering that can shake a player’s ‘mentality’, another, completely unpredictable variable can also appear. 

This is ‘the referee’s biased decision.’

Sports events held in China have always had many judging-related issues. Just one year ago, at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China was given a lenient decision that was significantly different from other countries.

These decision-related variables could be experienced in advance during the women’s soccer quarterfinal match between South Korea and North Korea held the day before, on September 30th

National team striker Son Hwa-yeon received a second yellow card and was sent off for attempting a ‘header’ to score, and the referee did not budge despite an intentional threatening tackle on ‘ace’ Ji So-yeon. 

The nationality of the referee was Thailand, and although a third country referee was selected, it was meaningless.

China is famous for ‘Shaolin Soccer’. 

Strike an opponent with a movement that goes beyond common sense. 

In particular, if you check China’s ‘foul highlight’ videos on YouTube channels, there are videos of over 10 minutes of terrible fouls that only appeared in the Chinese Super League.

In a situation where there is no video referee (VAR), it is difficult to prevent such fouls and the intervention of ‘something’ outside the game. The only breakthrough is overwhelming performance and quick decision making.

I know it’s a difficult task, but Hwang Seon-Hong-ho must overcome it with an overwhelming difference in level

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