I’ve waited a really long time. Matthias de Ligt (24, Bayern Munich) has begun his comeback in earnest. 

This could not be more welcome news for Kim Min-jae (27), who has been working hard all season.

Munich announced on the club website on the 27th (Korean time), “De Ligt is back on the pitch. 카지노사이트랭크

He is continuing training for his return.”

He added, “De Ligt completed personal training at the training ground on Monday morning.

He suffered a partial rupture of the medial ligament of his knee during the German Football Federation (DFB) Pokal Cup match against FC Saarbrücken earlier this month.”

De Ligt injured his knee in the game against Saarbrücken on the 2nd. In the 18th minute of the first half

he suffered a major blow to his knee while trying to block an opponent’s attack by making a tackle from the left side.

Feeling intense pain, he immediately raised his arm and called his medical staff.

De Ligt attempted to play again, but the injury appeared serious. 

In the end, he left the stadium and was replaced by Konrad Reimer in the 24th minute of the first half. 

Coach Thomas Tuchel was also very frustrated, holding his head.

It was De Ligt who collapsed again 4 games after his return. 

He suffered from a knee injury at the beginning of the season

but was named to the starting list starting against Mainz on the 22nd of last month. 

He briefly worked with Kim Min-jae in place of Dayot Upamecano, who injured his hamstring, but it didn’t last long and he developed knee problems again.

Even previous injuries recurred. Coach Tuchel said, “I injured the same knee again, the same area.

It’s very painful,” and the diagnosis showed damage to the medial collateral ligament of his knee. 

Recovery is expected to take about 4 to 6 weeks.

The burden fell squarely on Minjae Kim. Another center back, Upamecano, also returned from the ‘Der Klashker’ against Dortmund on the 5th, but was in poor condition and only played for about 60 minutes. 

In the end, Kim Min-jae, who was healthy and alone, had no choice but to take responsibility for the entire game.

Munich’s lack of center backs is holding them back. 

Munich let go Lucas Hernández and Benjamin Pavard ahead of this season, and also sent Josip Stanisic on loan to Leverkusen. 

The only central defenders are Kim Min-jae, Upamecano, and De Ligt. Here, with Upamecano and De Ligt getting injured alternately, Kim Min-jae had to guard Munich’s backline without rest.

In fact, Kim Min-jae played 90 minutes against Cologne on the 25th, playing full-time for 15 consecutive games in Munich alone. 

Considering the schedule of the Korean national team, it is no different from overwork. 

After the game against Singapore, he said he was fine and said, “It’s better to play than not to play

but it is clear that fatigue is gradually accumulating.

Kim Min-jae was called by coach Jürgen Klinsmann and played the entire Korean national team schedule. 

After playing against Singapore in Seoul on the 16th, he moved to China and played until the match against China on the 21st. 

Of course, both games were full-time starters. And Kim Min-jae moved to Cologne without a break and played the game right away.

It’s like traveling halfway around the world just during the November international match. 

Germany’s ‘TZ’ said, “Kim Min-jae travels halfway around the world again.

That’s literally true,” and added, “He travels over 20,000 km by plane. To completely travel around the world, 40,000 km is needed.

This is usually not a problem for Kim Min-jae, who is called a monster. “No, but tremendous fatigue is accumulating.

And traces are leaving behind,” he said, worried.

Nevertheless, he pointed out the reality that he had no choice but to play before Cologne. 

The media said, “Monster Kim Min-jae is one of the players who plays a lot this season. The lack of rest time is noticeable.

Munich will have to play in Cologne with Kim Min-jae, who arrived with tired eyes after the international break,” and “It is a hellish schedule.”

He expressed concern, saying, “Munich is playing a dangerous game.”

Coach Tuchel also knows this well. At a press conference held ahead of the Cologne game, he sighed, saying, “The players are mentally, emotionally and physically tired.

Kim Min-jae returned from China, and Alphonso Davis came from Canada.

It would be difficult to imagine the time difference they must have gone through.” I exhaled.

At the same time, he pointedly mentioned Minjae Kim. Coach Tuchel sarcasmized this situation, saying, “Kim Min-jae is going to wake up after a nap tomorrow, and he won’t even know exactly where he woke up.” 

However, he had no choice but to entrust Kim Min-jae with 90 minutes against Cologne. 

Kim Min-jae suffered pain after colliding with an opposing striker in the 14th minute of the first half and falling on his hip

but fortunately finished the game without any major injuries.

Minjae Kim has been running in ‘ironman’ mode for about four months. 

He endured the ‘hellish’ schedule without injury, and now De Ligt is back from injury and starting his comeback.

This is really good news. As a result of a thorough examination, it was raised that De Ligt may be sidelined for up to two months. 

There was talk that the goal was to return within this year. 

However, he is preparing to return sooner than expected as he resumes training after about four weeks. 

If De Ligt and Upamecano work together again, Kim Min-jae will also have a chance to enjoy a sweet break.

Meanwhile, apart from De Ligt’s appearance, Kim Min-jae is likely to rest in the match against FC Copenhagen in the 5th match of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage at home on the 30th. 

This is because Munich has already secured first place in the group by winning all four matches in the group stage.

According to Germany’s Bild on the 27th, Kim Min-jae did not participate in team training and rested. 

The German ‘kicker’ also said, “Kim Min-jae needs rest as he has continued to play as a starting player.

However, if you exclude him, the only professional center back is Upamecano.

Entrusting central defense to Nusair Mazraoui or Leon Goretzka could be a solution.

Both of them have already played in the back four this season,” he said, adding weight to the possibility of Kim Min-jae missing.

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