The semi-PO winning team will face Gimpo and PO in a ‘single match’ on December 2nd.

Gyeongnam Gleason scoring

Gyeongnam Gleason, who scored in the 2023 Pro Football K League 2 Seongnam FC and Gyeongnam FC match held at Tancheon Stadium in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do on the 19th, is giving a high five to coach Seol Ki-hyun.

The ‘postseason’ schedule for professional soccer K-League 2 clubs aiming for promotion to the first division begins.The first stage is the semi-playoff (PO) stage, which will be held on the 29th.

As the Hana One Q K-League 2 2023 regular season ended with Gimcheon Sangmu winning, the lineup of teams competing in the semi-PO and PO was completed.

While Gimcheon is automatically promoted to the K League 1 stage next year by winning the K League 2, 2nd place Busan I’Park will play a promotion PO in a home and away format against the 11th place team in the K League 1 on December 6 and 9 and will be promoted to the first division. Challenge yourself.

Now, fans’ attention is focused on the semi-PO and PO matchups that will determine the protagonist of K League 2, which will face the 10th place team in K League 1.

The winner of the semi-PO, where the K League 2 5th and 4th place teams face off, will play a PO against the 3rd place team, and the surviving team will play a promotion PO against the K League 1 10th place team.

This year’s K-League 2 semi-PO will be held at the Changwon Soccer Center at 7 p.m. on the 29th with a single match between 4th place Gyeongnam FC and 5th place Bucheon FC.

Gyeongnam and Bucheon received the same 57 points in the regular league, but Gyeongnam, which had the most points, took fourth place and played semi-PO at home.

In firepower, Gyeongnam, which scored 54 goals in 36 games, is ahead of Bucheon (45 goals), but in terms of defense, Bucheon, which only allowed 35 goals, is evaluated to be better than Gyeongnam (42 goals).

Gyeongnam’s attack was led by Gleason, who ranked fourth in scoring with 13 goals, followed by Won Ki-jong (10 goals) and Mo Jae-hyeon (6 goals).

Against this, Bucheon was led by Ahn Jae-jun (11 goals) and ‘goal-scoring defender’ Nilsson Jr. (5 goals).

Bucheon FC players performing a goal celebration

Gyeongnam and Bucheon both won the final game of the regular league.

Gyeongnam defeated 3rd place Gimpo FC (60 points), who went straight to the PO, 1-0, and Bucheon defeated 7th place Jeonnam Dragons 4-1 against Jeonnam thanks to Ahn Jae-jun’s hat trick.

As both teams have tasted victory, it is expected that the semi-PO match will be one without giving up an inch.

However, if both the semi-PO and PO ends in a draw, the team with the highest ranking will be the winner without overtime.

The semi-PO winning team will compete in a PO single match against 3rd place Gimpo at Gimpo Salter Soccer Stadium at 4:30 pm on December 2nd.

The PO winning team will play a home-and-away promotion PO against the 10th-place team in the K League on December 6th and 9th.

The teams ranked 10th to 12th in K League 1 will be decided in the final match of the 38th round of the regular league Final B on December 2nd.

As of the 37th round, Gangwon FC (33 points) is ranked 10th, while Suwon FC and Suwon Samsung have the same number of points (32), but are ranked 11th and 12th, respectively, by multiple points.

Gangwon and Suwon will face off in the final match, and Suwon FC will face 9th place Jeju United. 슬롯

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