LG Electronics announced on the 5th that it recently signed a two-year contract with Smart Score, a golf course operation solution provider, to supply about 1,200 guidance and delivery robots.The contract size is approximately 28 billion won, which is the largest in sales from a single overseas supplier.Smart Score joined hands with LG Electronics to enter and differentiate itself into the golf course business in six Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.When LG Electronics sells robots and solutions, Smart Score installs and operates them

Customers can easily check-in and check-out at golf courses and hotels through LG Chloe Guidebot.You can also check the score of the golf game in progress.Golf clubs and clothing advertised on the front display of the robot can also be paid for directly through the screen.In the future, LG Electronics plans to use advanced robots to carry out deliveries inside and outside of golf courses.LG Electronics plans to continue collaborating with Smart Score for each country’s standards and certifications, language pack 카지노사이트킹 development and lineup expansion, and service planning and verification.

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