Park Geun-chan, the current head of the KBO operations team, was appointed as the new secretary general of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).The KBO Secretariat held the first board of directors meeting of 2024 at the Dogok-dong Baseball Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 11th, with representatives from 10 professional clubs in attendance.The Board of Directors elected Secretary-General Park Geun-chan after voting at the recommendation of President Heo.

The term of office of the Secretary General, who is approved by the Board of Directors with the approval of more than ⅔ of the registered directors, is three years.The new Secretary General Park Geun-chan joined KBO in 2000 and served as the head of the management support team (2011) and the public relations team (2013-2015), and has been serving as the head of the operations team since 2016.

President Heo Heo-yeon also appointed Moon Jeong-gyun, current head of the KBO baseball talent development team, as the new CEO of KBOP, a marketing subsidiary.Team Leader Moon will also be confirmed as CEO through the KBOP Board of Directors.KBOP CEO-designate Moon Jeong-gyun also joined the KBO in 2000 and has held key positions such as public relations team leader (2012), operations team leader (2013-2015), and training team leader (2019-2022), and has been serving as the head of the baseball talent development team since last year.KBO decided to separate the KBO Secretary General and KBOP CEO to enhance policy implementation, present vision, and strengthen KBOP 카지노사이트 marketing capabilities.

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