Blue Card Introduced in Soccer?… Temporary Expulsion for 10 Minutes for Excessive Protest or Interference with Scoring

International Football Council discusses expansion of pilot operation to adult football

There is a possibility that the blue card, which is a 10-minute temporary expulsion penalty,

may be expanded in soccer games where there were only yellow cards (warnings) and red cards (expulsions).

According to APTN and the British BBC on the 9th (Korean time),

the International Football Association Board (IFAB) issued a ‘blue card’,

a 10-minute temporary expulsion for players who excessively protest against referee decisions

in soccer games or commit strategic fouls that prevent the opponent from scoring. 먹튀검증가이드

The expanded pilot operation plan is scheduled to be announced today.

A player who receives a blue card can stay in the new-bin (temporary exit area) for 10 minutes and then return to the game.

Just like the yellow card, if you receive 2 blue cards, you will be kicked out,

and the same applies if you receive 1 yellow card and 1 blue card.

However, it has not yet been decided when the blue card will be introduced on a pilot basis and to what leagues it will be implemented.

The English professional football Premier League (EPL) has already opposed becoming a testing ground for any new system.

The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) also expressed concern,

saying, “It is premature to discuss a blue card at the elite level,” and added,

“If a new system is to be introduced on a pilot basis,

it must be tested in an appropriate manner starting from the lower leagues.”

In order to emphasize the spirit of fair play in youth soccer in the 2018-2019 season,

the England Football Association (FA) gave blue cards on a trial basis in cases of excessive protests against decisions,

and announced that the number of judgment protests in 31 youth academy leagues decreased by 38%.

Afterwards, in England, it was applied to the five men’s national leagues (EFL lower leagues) and the women’s soccer third division and below.

IFAB is scheduled to approve a proposal to expand the scope of Blue Card introduction at its annual meeting held in Glasgow, Scotland, on the 2nd of next month.

There is already a ‘temporary dismissal’ penalty in rugby matches.

IFAB is also discussing a plan to change the rules so that only the captain of each team can protest a decision, like in a rugby game.

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