Singer-actor IU is seen in this April 21, 2023 file photo. Courtesy of Edam Entertainment

Singer-actor IU has written the lyrics for all the songs on her forthcoming sixth EP, “The Winning,” her agency announced Monday.According to the album’s tracklist unveiled by Edam Entertainment, it contains five songs, including “Shopper,” “Spore,” “Shh..” and “Love Wins All.” The last track was prereleased last month.”IU put much effort casinositekingcom into crafting this album for a long period, not only writing the songs but also overseeing every detail as a producer,” Edam said in a release.

Her involvement, particularly as the sole lyricist for all the tracks, has raised the bar of anticipation for the album, it added.Beyond the lyrical spotlight, IU also co-composed “Spore,” one of the double lead tracks of the album due out on Feb. 20 alongside “Shopper.”Girl group NewJeans’ Hyein and Cho Won-sun, singer-songwriter and vocalist of Korean modern rock band Roller Coaster, participated in the third track “Shh..” 카지노사이트킹 as featured artists.

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