2015 Gwangju Universiade

Kim Yun-seok, the liquidator of the 2015 Gwangju Summer Universiade (U Games) organizing committee, was suspended from his duties after a severe conflict with Gwangju City over the distribution of the remaining assets of the Games. According to Gwangju City on the 27th, the Gwangju District Court cited Gwangju City’s recent application for a temporary injunction to suspend the execution of the liquidator’s duties and appoint casinositezone an agent. The court suspended liquidator Kim Yun-seok, the representative of the corporation for liquidation of the U Games organizing committee, and appointed attorney Kim Chi-young as his acting attorney. Gwangju City and liquidator Kim Yun-seok showed differences of opinion on the process of distributing the remaining 42.5 billion won from the so-called low-cost, high-efficiency competition among the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gwangju City, and the organizing committee.

The remaining assets that can be used as sports development funds have not been used in the aftermath of the conflict and are sitting in the bank. The two sides also had friction regarding the bonds and debts that had to be settled during the liquidation process of the organizing committee, and the payment of Kim’s wages .Gwangju City filed a lawsuit against liquidator Kim Yun-seok, accusing him of breach of trust, and liquidator Kim Yun-seok filed a lawsuit demanding the return of the athlete’s village usage fee deposit .Gwangju City plans to take follow-up measures necessary for the liquidation of the organizing committee according to the results of the lawsuit filed on the merits along with the provisional injunction 온라인카지노 requesting the dismissal and appointment of the liquidator.

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