In the English Premier League (EPL), Tottenham and Arsenal are two of the most iconic rivals. They hate each other. The rivalry between the two London-based teams is a war. The “North London Derby” is one of the most intense derbies in the EPL.   

But then one of Tottenham’s legends dropped a bombshell. He said that he considers Arsenal’s manager to be the best manager of all time. It’s basically a betrayal, a treachery. As a Tottenham legend, it’s a very bold statement. On the flip side, it could mean that the Arsenal manager’s leadership was so great that he betrayed Tottenham.

The main character is Glenn Hoddle. He started out in the Tottenham youth ranks and broke into the Spurs first team in 1975. The legendary midfielder went on to score 110 goals in 490 appearances over 12 seasons until 1987. He won two FA Cups and one UEFA Cup, among other honors. He”s a legend that”s always at the top of any list of the greatest midfielders in Tottenham history.

The best manager of all time, according to this Spurs legend, is none other than Arsenal’s former manager Arsene Wenger. Wenger is Arsenal’s longest-serving manager and is often hailed as the greatest manager in the club’s history. Hoddle praised the Arsenal legend. Something that’s not easy for a former Tottenham player to do.   

Hoddle can say this because he knows Wenger firsthand. After leaving Tottenham, Hoddle played for French club AS Monaco from 1987 to 1991. Wenger was his manager at the time. Wenger managed AS Monaco from 1987 to 1994 before joining Arsenal in 1996 after a stint with the Nagoya Grampus in Japan.

In Football’s Greatest, Hoddle says: “For me, the greatest manager of all time is Wenger. When I was with Wenger, I realized that what he was playing was complete 메이저사이트 football, perfect football. Everything about football was in his game: the body, the mind, the spirit, the conditioning, the stretching. I got a taste of this when I was at AS Monaco,” he confessed.

“When Wenger went to Arsenal, I knew what was going to happen at Arsenal,” Hoddle continued. The Arsenal players listened and learned from Wenger, and Wenger continued to do that. Wenger was great at Arsenal,” he emphasized.

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