The Korean BBQ food truck chain Cupbop's food truck, overlooking Salt Lake City, Utah, is parked in this 2023 photo. Courtesy of Cupbop

Every morning at 9 a.m., Song Jung-hun and his crew of the Korean BBQ food truck Cupbop, known across Utah as the “crazy food truck guys,” announce the location of their bright yellow food truck on social media. By lunchtime, hundreds line up, eager to grab a cup of Korean barbecue over rice.The venue becomes more than just a plain food truck but a place of fun — full of young energy, dance and music. Here, crews shout “cup!” and delighted customers chant “bop!,” exchanging high fives freely.In 2013, Song launched Cupbop with a $25,000 second-hand trailer in Salt Lake City, drawing inspiration from Korea’s speedy street food scene, popular for shallow-pocketed students preparing for civil service exams. The catchphrase “SHHH… JUST EAT!” captures the essence of Cupbop, which offers a hearty mix of Korean barbecue beef, pork, glass noodles and vegetables served over rice in a bowl.

The brand’s name, Cupbop, directly translates to “bap in a cup,” where “bap” is the Korean word for steamed rice, a staple similar to bread in Western diets. Song said its reputation as a fun and cool place born out of necessity.”On the first day, we had this huge crowd and sold out all 200 portions within three or four hours. Then, from the next day, we had no customers, and we couldn’t just sit idle on the trailer that we invested all we had. So all we crews started to shout and play games on the trailer,” he said during a video interview with The Korea Times on April 17.”People started to give a look, so we decided to take it up a notch. We tuned up the music and started dancing. The truck shook up and down, and people curiously peeked inside. Soon, one person joined, then five and then a line of 200 people formed, stretching as far as the eye could see. It was electrifying.”The videos of the Cupbop crew playing and dancing on the food truck instantly gained attention from people and started being shared on social 카지노사이트킹 media.

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