esterday’s enemy became today’s comrade.

Brazilian coach Isanaye Ramirez (40) is an experienced coach in international volleyball, having led several national teams including Brazil, Bahrain, and Pakistan. In particular, at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held in September last year, he led Pakistan and defeated Korea 3-0.

The Korean men’s volleyball team suffered the humiliation of no medal by losing to Pakistan in the round of 12 of the tournament. It has been 61 years since men’s volleyball won an Asian Games medal in Jakarta in 1962. Afterwards, in the ranking match, they finished in 7th place, their worst performance ever.

At the time, Pakistan’s International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) ranking was 51st, a whopping 24 places lower than Korea, which ranked 27th.

Nevertheless, coach Ramirez, who achieved a complete victory over Korea, revealed the secret after the game, saying, “We predicted what strategy the opponent would use in each set. We stayed up all night and invested a lot of time, and it paid off.” “It was a difficult process, but the results are not surprising,” he continued.

After the competition, Pakistan rose to 49th place, and Korea fell to 28th place.

Director Ramirez also left a bitter note on Korea. He pointed out, “(Korea) missed a lot of opportunities after losing the first set,” and added, “They looked unprepared.”

And about six months later, coach Ramirez coincidentally took office as the new coach of the Korean men’s national team.

The Korea Volleyball Association said, “As a coach who dealt with Korea, we judged him to have extensive knowledge of domestic players based on professional analysis,” and added, “We evaluated him as a leader who can improve the performance of men’s volleyball to the next level.” He revealed the background of his appointment.

Coach Ramirez was also full of confidence as he had played against Korea. At a press conference held at the Olympic Parktel in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 25th, he said, “I have been in charge of the Asian team, and I know the Korean team well,” and “I know well what areas Korea needs to improve.”

He described the problems of Korean volleyball as ‘challenges.’ At the same time, recalling the match against Korea, he said, “In modern volleyball, it is important to use middle blockers well, but Korea did not utilize this part well,” and pointed out a point of improvement, saying, “If we want to play on the world stage, we need to raise the level of middle blockers.” .

Although he has recently been experiencing a recession, he judged that there was ample potential for development. Coach Ramirez said, “Korea has always been difficult to deal with, and they were a team with good skills,” and expressed his determination, “Asian players lack physical physique, and I will prepare to help them reach the desired level through training.”

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