Gimcheon Sangmu held its second children’s physical education class program this year.

On the 23rd, Gimcheon held a children’s physical education class at the badminton court in Gimcheon. The event was held for 40 students from Haeoreum Kindergarten and consisted of an early childhood physical education program using soccer and badminton.

This event was held in cooperation with the Gimcheon City Facilities Management Corporation, and students from Gimcheon National University’s Department of Physical Education and Sports participated in the event. Under the professional guidance of Gimcheon University students who are certified as life sports instructors, Haeoreum Kindergarten students enjoyed soccer basics, recreation, 현금홀덤사이트 and staff exercises that combine badminton.

Director Cho Byung-sam of Haeoreum Kindergarten (private representative of the Gimcheon Kindergarten Association) said, “Thank you to Gimcheon for this special experience. Today’s gym class was a special and good experience for our students. We hope to have such opportunities in the future. We will always support Gimcheon, the pride of Gimcheon, together with our students.”

Professor Jung Woo-min, Department of Physical Education, Gimcheon National University, said, “I am glad that the students were able to utilize their majors to do something rewarding for local children. I think it is very valuable for students to have the experience of applying the knowledge they have learned in school to the field. We hope that the children’s physical education classes will continue in the future.”

Mr. Bae Nak-ho, CEO of Gimcheon, said, “It is rewarding to be able to organize such a meaningful event with Gimcheon taking the lead. I am also grateful to Gimcheon City Facilities Management Corporation and Gimcheon University Department of Physical Education for their support. We will continue to do our best to help children, the hope of Gimcheon, grow up healthy through various activities such as children’s physical education classes.”

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