K-pop act NewJeans performs at the “2024 Korea On Stage — New Generation″ event at Gyeongbok Palace, central Seoul, Tuesday. Yonhap

K-pop girl group NewJeans dazzled at Gyeongbok Palace, Tuesday, with a stunning performance in modernized “hanbok,” (traditional clothing) beautifully showcasing Korea’s rich heritage.The event, dubbed “2024 Korea On Stage — New Generation,” was co-hosted by the Korea Heritage Service and KBS as part of the celebration for the Korea Heritage Service, a newly named entity replacing the Cultural Heritage Administration.The night’s event opened with NewJeans member Danielle as the solo emcee and concluded with a performance by the group, with only four of five members in attendance as Hyein recovered from a foot injury.Before NewJeans took the stage, a special performance video of the group filmed in front of the palace’s main Geunjeongjeon Hall was shown. In the video, NewJeans performed its 2023 track, “Cool With You,” donning white “dansam” (or single-layer hanbok jacket) and double-layered hanbok skirts to complement the ethereal spectacle.

This performance in traditional Korean attire, pre-released to heighten anticipation for the event last week, received acclaim from online users.Comments such as “I love this Korean traditional fairy look on them,” and “Korean designers do the most amazing modern takes on Hanbok and I love it,” were shared, with some even harking back to when K-pop juggernauts like BTS and BLACKPINK wore hanbok to promote traditional Korean style on the international stage.After the video, NewJeans took the stage in pastel-colored hanbok, wearing translucent jeogori (jacket) and high-waisted, voluminous skirts, and performed their hits including “Ditto,” “ETA” and “Super Shy.” The lightweight material of the outfits enhanced NewJeans’ performance, 슬롯놀이터 accentuating the members’ dance moves.

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