Minerals used to produce cathode materials are on display at POSCO Future M's laboratory in this undated file photo. Courtesy of POSCO Future M

POSCO Future M published its third responsible minerals report recently to show the battery materials company’s efforts to establish a sustainable supply chain for minerals used to produce cathode and anode materials, the company said Tuesday.The annual report covers POSCO Future M’s activities to prevent human rights violations, environmental destruction and funding for illegal groups. It also unveils the company’s efforts for supply chain sustainability, such as the establishment of a management process when purchasing minerals.In 2021, POSCO Future M became Korea’s first battery materials firm to have published a responsible minerals report, amid the growing global concerns over supply chain management after the European Union forced due diligence of a company’s protection of the environment and human rights.

The company emphasized that it has sourced cobalt and tungsten from minerals and suppliers certified by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), an international group that tracks and monitors the origins and suppliers of four conflict minerals — gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten — as well as cobalt.Although lithium, nickel, manganese and graphite are not subject to RMI certification, POSCO Future M has sourced those minerals from mines and suppliers with no record of human rights violations and environmental destruction.

The battery materials firm has also prevented its suppliers from using minerals from mines in 239 conflict-affected and high-risk areas in 29 countries in Africa, Asia and South America. In addition, the company has continuously educated its employees and suppliers to raise their awareness of responsible supply of minerals.“In the battery materials industry using various minerals, the establishment of a supply chain for stable and sustainable supply of raw materials has been more important,” a POSCO Future M official said. 온라인카지노 “We will preemptively cope with demand from our global clients.”

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