‘Teacher Sprinter’ Yoon Kyung-chan, sprinting in AG for the disabled, “I’m disappointed with the record”

A career as a teacher and athlete at the same time… 6th place in 100m wheelchair track and field

National wheelchair track and field representative Yoon Kyung-chan (31) is a current teacher.

Kyung-chan Yoon, who became disabled after a car accident while attending elementary school, majored in special physical education at Korea National Sport University and entered the path of becoming a teacher by passing the employment examination.

He is working as a special teacher at the Special Education Center of Ansan Office of Education in Gyeonggi-do.

He does circuit training in the morning and does administrative work in the afternoon.

It’s busier after work. 카지노사이트 추천

Kyung-chan Yoon, who dreamed of becoming an athlete after seeing Hong Seok-man win a gold medal in wheelchair track and field at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, is now walking the path of both teacher and athlete.

After completing his daily work, he changes out of his uniform and devotes himself to his training under the night dew.

It was not easy for him to balance his career as a player and his work life.

However, Kyung-chan Yoon devoted his spare time to training and became the best sprinter in the country.

At the 42nd National Sports Festival for the Disabled held in October last year, he won three gold medals and received the Most Valuable Player Award (MVP).

She was also selected as a medal candidate at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games.

He also expressed his determination, saying, ‘I want to show my students a great side.’

My performance in my first event was not very good.

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