Gymnastics is a competitive activity that involves the execution of structured exercises using rings, bars, and other apparatus. It is the oldest Olympic event and one of the biggest, most thrilling, energetic, and adventurous sports in the world.

The fundamental skills required for athletics are physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance. In 500 BC, gymnastics was invented in Ancient Greece as a means of keeping athletes in shape. But it wasn’t until 1811 that the German Gymnastics Movement modernized the activity and added apparatus like the pommel horse, parallel bars, and the balancing beam. Today, gymnastics is quite well-liked all across the world.

The playing surface varies based on the event, however all gymnastics surfaces are cushioned to protect the players because gymnasts’ hands and feet are put under a lot of stress when doing their routines. Additionally, in case they fall or land in an unnatural position, to prevent harm. Rhythmic, artistic, and trampoline gymnastics are the three categories that exist today.


The most well-known type of gymnastics is artistic gymnastics, which employs apparatus like rings, parallel bars, and uneven bars.

Women compete in four events—the vault, the uneven bars, the balancing beam, and the floor exercise—while men compete in six—the pommel 메이저사이트 horse, the still rings, the vault, the parallel bars, the high bar, and the floor exercise. The majority of the exercises in this sport are performed on the floor as well as on various gymnastic apparatus.


The second most well-known is undoubtedly rhythmic gymnastics. All gymnasts compete on the same floor mat, but their routines also include the usage of ribbons, ropes, hoops, and other apparatus. For the 2000 Olympics, the trampoline was added to the list of gymnastics events. On a trampoline, gymnasts perform routines while flipping after each bounce.

Also available are group routines, which feature two to six gymnasts using a maximum of two equipment of their choosing.


Individuals, pairs, trios, or groups of up to six persons can perform routines in aerobic gymnastics, commonly referred to as sport aerobics. Instead than focusing on acrobatic or balance skills, these routines often emphasize strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning. Without using any other gear, routines lasting 60 to 90 seconds are carried out on the ground.

In gymnastics events, competitors are judged and scored both individually and collectively. Gymnasts aim to impress the judges with their mastery 먹튀검증 of the sport by performing the trickiest routines in the most graceful manner. On each piece of equipment, each participant must complete a predetermined number of moves of a particular kind. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest possible score, judges assign points to each competitor in each event. Although scoring is entirely subjective, judges are given rules to help them arrive at relatively unbiased results.

Former and well-known gymnast Olga Korbut competed in two Olympic Games for the Soviet Union, winning four gold and two silver medals. The 18th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships saw Korbut, also known as the Sparrow from Minsk, compete and take home two gold and four silver medals. She was honored by being admitted to the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1988.

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