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Ukrainian Apex Legends pro advances to ALGS LAN amid blackout

  • While Ukraine is still at war with Russia, an Apex Legends professional player defied the odds and made it to the ALGS LAN with his team. The news quickly spread across social media. The hero of the story is a Ukrainian pro gamer who goes by the nickname MaxStrafe. He borrowed a neighbor’s generator to run Apex Legends in a city that had lost power due to Russian bombing, and played a match with his team to qualify for the tournament. However, MaxStrafe may not be able to participate in the tournament due to the situation in Ukraine. His team has a replacement player just in case.

LCK introduces losing team interviews

  • The LCK will also introduce interviews with the losing team. Interviews with the losing team have already been conducted in various regions of LoL eSports, including established sports, and the LCK has joined them. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu said, “The most important thing is an unbreakable heart” in his post-match interview. Media interviews are conducted in the press room after the game. Fans’ opinions were divided. There are conflicting opinions on whether a player should give an interview after a loss or not, with some saying it’s a professional thing to do.

New 2023 Rold Cup: Seoul-Busan co-hosts?

  • With the 2023 Rold Cup making a major change by adopting the Swiss method for the group stage, reports have emerged that Seoul and Busan are considering co-hosting the event. According to sources, both Seoul and Busan are actively seeking to host the event. Seoul passed an ordinance to support the development of the gaming industry and revitalization of esports, increasing its budget by 48% year-on-year. Late last year, Busan organized an official overseas trip for the Rold Cup. As previously rumored, the final is likely to be held at the Gocheok Dome in Seoul, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Malmö, host of the LEC Finals, earns about KRW 6 billion in revenue

  • The Swedish city of Malmö reportedly earned about KRW 6 billion in revenue from hosting the LEC Summer Split Finals. From September 10th to 11th last year, the city of Malmö generated approximately KRW 6 billion in economic impact, of which approximately KRW 4.7 billion was reportedly from tourism. About 77.41% of the tourists who visited Malmö during this period were there to watch the LEC Finals, he added. This has led to calls from the community in Malmö for more esports-related events.
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Stovrig’s ‘Flame’ on the horizon for Kart Drift

  • Kartrider after the shutdown: Drift League, each organization has lit the fuse on player transfers. First, DFI Blaze announced the termination of all of its players. Head coach Moon Ho-jun announced his return to the team. The Guangdong Freecs parted ways with Yoo Young-hyuk, Song Yong-joon, and Lee Eun-taek. Their vacant spots will be filled by Bae Sung-bin and Yoo Chang-hyun. Liv Sandbox also filled the void left by Kim Seung-tae’s departure to join the military by signing Kim Ji-min.

LCS relaxes co-streaming standards in response to fan feedback

  • The LCS announced on its official blog that it will run the Watch Party Program in an expanded format during the 2023 Spring Split. This is a project that allows selected YouTubers and streamers to co-stream the LCS. Previously, this was only available to a handful of high-profile streamers, but now the criteria is more relaxed. 토토사이트 Streamers and YouTubers who are selected will be prohibited from demeaning anything related to the LCS. In the past, Doubletree was excluded from co-streaming after criticizing the LCS during a broadcast.

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