Nongshim Red Force 2023 Roster
Park Geun-woo
(JUG) Seung-bok ‘Sylvie’ Lee
(MID) Ahn ‘Fiesta’ Hyun-seo
(BOT) Hain-seong ‘Vital’ Ha
(SUP) Yoonsoo “Peter” Jung

Nongshim Red Force’s goal in the Stavrig last year was clear. Recruit good players and perform well. Just like their brand of instant noodles, represented by the color “black,” Nongshim spared no expense in purchasing ingredients. Nongshim filled its roster with Khanna, Dredd, Biddy, Ghost, and Epot, and was dubbed the winner of the Stove League that year. But was it the soup? Nongshim finished 8th in the Spring Split and 8th in the Summer Split. In 2022, Nongshim was, in a word, tasteless.

The choice of Nongshim Red Force for the new season is a return to the original color ‘red‘. They ditched the “black” color to upgrade their roster, didn’t sign a single first-team player this transfer window, and called up all of their Challengers League players to fill out their 2023 roster.

Judging by the flavor, Nongshim Red Force’s choice makes sense. In the Challengers League, Nongshim Red Force was definitely a spicy team. The results speak for themselves. Nongshim Red Force finished runner-up in the Spring Season and won the Summer Season. One season could be a fluke, but two seasons is a sign of skill.

The secret to flavor is ‘hanta’. Nongshim Red Force was an unusually strong hitting team. After a good laning game, they had great team chemistry in the mid and late game. As the fight dragged on, teammates shared aggro, and they survived to the end, looking for a chance to pull off the upset. The opposing team would get dragged all over the place by Nong-Sim’s aggro ping-pong and then magically lose. When he was on form, his style was reminiscent of the old Griffin.

However, the question, “Can Nongshim Challengers players in the LCK be as good as Griffin?” is not easily answered. The reason is weight class. Griffin and DAMWON Gaming, who performed well immediately after being promoted from the Challengers, were at a weight class that could work in the LCK, but Nongshim’s lineup abilities were mediocre at best in the Challengers League. It’s hard to imagine mediocre Challengers players doing well in the LCK, where every line is a monster.

If Nongshim Red Force is going to survive in the LCK, it’s going to have to rely on its ban-picking strategy in the short term. Through scrimmages, Nongshim should have organized what champions work in the LCK for each laner. The idea is to keep the game in the mid and late game as much as possible while giving the players the champions they are good at, so that Nongshim’s spice can be revealed.

In the long run, the players have to improve. LCK teams at the bottom have often fallen apart when the champion pool is analyzed, and the moment the analysis says, “He’s either that or nothing,” is a sign of trouble. Players need to push themselves to the limit.

Nongshim’s dishes have been placed in the middle of high-end restaurant dishes with expensive ingredients. 카지노사이트 It’s a tough competition for Nongshim. But if Nongshim starts to boil, can the high-end restaurants be confident of winning every time? I wonder how far Nongshim’s spicy aroma can spread in the LCK in 2023.

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