San Antonio Spurs’ first-round choice in the 2023 NBA draft, Victor Wembanyama, was welcomed with open arms on Friday and was having a great time. As a private plane carrying Wembanyama touched down at San Antonio Airport, over 300 ecstatic spectators gathered there in sweltering 38 Celsius heat.

Wembanyama’s arrival was covered by the media near the airport tarmac, but supporters with umbrellas and beverage coolers were kept inside a barrier.

The NBA’s most recent No. 1 draft pick, a star who hasn’t even appeared in a game yet, delighted in his first experience in San Antonio, waving at the crowd to show how much he was enjoying it all.

On Friday afternoon, Wembanyama arrived in San Antonio. Spurs fans welcomed the generational talent from France, who is expected to put the franchise on 토토사이트 his back and carry it back to prominence as soon as possible, despite the fact that he was a few hours late. Spurs fans had waited a long time for something like this.

The fans cheered and waved as Wembanyama made his way through the terminal, and Wemby recorded the greetings on his Instagram story.

“What a welcome!!! I love u Spurs fans,” Wemby added as a caption.

More applause welcomed Wembanyama when he eventually made an appearance, and the coyote team mascot of San Antonio gave him a hug. After taking selfies and signing autographs for his fans, Wembanyama shook hands with the police escort riders.

Fans continued to applaud as Wembanyama was then whisked away. Wembanyama will be formally introduced by the Spurs during an event in San Antonio on Saturday.

“This is love. This is family,” said Spurs fan Gabriela Hernandez of San Antonio, who braved the sun and extreme heat just to get a glimpse of the arrival. “This is what family does.”

Firefighters saluted his plane with water cannons as it taxied to a stop, and even the police officers on motorbikes tasked with escorting Wembanyama’s car out of the private airport joined in the celebration.

As he made his way to the van, Wembanyama paused, shook their hands one by one, and even posed for photos.

“They’ve always been loyal, faithful fans who enjoy the Spurs and the players in return have always understood their responsibility to the city. We didn’t do anything different in preparation. We are who we are, and the city has always supported us.”

“I can’t speak for the city. I know how excited they are and how excited they were when we ended up with the first pick,” Soon after the choice 토토 was made official on Thursday night, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich made the statement. “But no matter who we choose or what year it is, the city has always had a love affair with the Spurs.

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