Lee Kyu-sung of professional soccer’s Ulsan Hyundai appears before a punishment committee related to a racism controversy on social networking services (SNS) at the Korea Football Association’s football hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on June 22.(SEOUL) By Ahn Hong-seok = The “social media racism” case involving players of professional soccer’s K League 1 Ulsan Hyundai has been concluded without further discipline from the Korea Football Association .According to the Korea Football Association on June 27, the association’s fairness committee held a meeting on June 25 and approved the disciplinary report submitted by the professional football league as originally drafted. The committee also decided not to sportstotozonecom impose any additional discipline on the offending players at the KFA level. This means that Ulsan’s Lee Kyu-sung and Lee Myung-jae, as well as Park Yong-woo, who moved to Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the incident, will not face any further punishment beyond the one-match suspension and 15 million won ($15,000) fine handed down by the KFA on March 22.The KFA’s sanction of 30 million won against Ulsan was also upheld .Amid criticism of the professional league’s punishment as a “cotton-batting punishment,” attention turned to whether the KFA would impose additional punishment, such as a national team suspension .According to the ‘Disciplinary Standards by Type’ in the Football Association’s regulations, players who commit ‘discrimination based on gender, nationality, race, and religion’ are subject to a ‘suspension of not less than three months and not more than two years’.

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