The women’s national soccer team is continuing high-intensity training despite the heat wave ahead of the World Cup at the end of this month.

Ji So-yeon, a leading female soccer player, is determined to play desperately as it could be the last World Cup of the “Golden Generation.”

Even in the heat wave, there will be high-intensity training in the “Bell coach’s table” that strongly presses the opponent.

The women’s team, which is in the same group as Germany, Colombia and Morocco, focused on strengthening their physical strength and focusing on their first match against Colombia on the 25th.

<Ji So-yeon / Women’s national soccer team> “It will be harder in the World Cup if you overcome these difficult training processes. European players are very strong, fast, and physically very good, so…”

This tournament could be the last World Cup in which the “golden generation” who led the team to third place in the 2010 Under-20 World Cup, including Ji So-yeon, Jang Seul-ki, and Cho So-hyun, will play together.

Ahead of the third World Cup, Ji So-yeon’s goal is to erase the nightmare of losing all three matches in the group stage of the 2019 World Cup in France and to score her first field goal.

Amid the growing popularity of women’s soccer, it is also a special feeling to play against Haiti at Sangam World Cup Stadium for the first time in 10 years.

<Ji So-yeon / Women’s national soccer team> “I will play in Sangam for the second time, and as a player, Sangam World Cup Stadium is coming up differently. I hope a lot of people will come and cheer us up for the World Cup.”

<Ji So-yeon and Jang Seulgi> “Fighting!”

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