All KT ‘LCK First’… Rookie of the Year is unanimous ‘Face’

The KT Rolster team, which won 16 consecutive wins in the 2023 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea)

summer regular league and took first place, has risen to the ALL-LCK First Team.

LCK Announced

The LCK announced that as a result of the All-LCK First Team voting held today, five key players for KT Rolster were selected.

The winners of the 2023 LCK Summer Awards were selected through a vote of about 40 people, 온라인카지노

including team managers, representative players, domestic and overseas broadcasters, analysis desk cast members, and reporters.

The LCK selects the All-LCK First Team, Second Team, Third Team, Regular Season MVP,

Player of the Split through official voting at the end of the regular season of the Spring and Summer Splits. do.

Summer Split

After the Summer Split regular season is completed,

the ‘Best Head Coach’ of the year and the ‘Rookie of the Year’ corresponding to the rookie of the year are announced.

Five key players from KT Rolster were selected for the 2023 Summer Split All LCK First Team.

KT Rolster

KT Rolster won 16 consecutive matches from the second week to the ninth week of this summer regular league,

and in the process set a record that stands shoulder to shoulder with the LCK single split’s most consecutive set wins of 17 sets.
KT Rolster secured first place in the summer regular league by far exceeding the team’s own record of 8 consecutive wins.

KT Rolster’s top laner Ki-in (Kim Ki-in), jungler Kurz (Moon Woo-chan), mid laner Bdddy (Kwak Bo-seong),

distance dealer Aiming (Kim Ha-ram), and support Lehenz (Son Si-woo) performed their best in each position recognized as a player.

In particular, Gi-in received the highest score of 200, as he was evaluated for his outstanding performance enough to give the highest score to all of the voters.

Five KT Rolster players selected for the All-LCK First Team will receive a prize of 2 million won each.

It is the second time since T1 was selected as the All-LCK First Team in the spring of 2023 that all players from one team have been selected for the All-LCK First Team.

Gen.G eSports

Five players from Gen.G eSports were selected as the all-LCK second team.

After winning the 2022 LCK Summer and 2023 LCK Spring, Gen.G, who entered this summer as the defending champion,

has won 13 consecutive victories since the opening and finished second with a final score of 16 wins and 2 losses.

The third team was selected as T1’s top laner Zeus (Choi Woo-je), Dplus Kia jungler Canyon (Kim Gun-bu),

Hanwha Life Esports’ mid-laner Jeka (Kim Gun-woo), distance dealer Viper (Park Do-hyun), and supporter Life (Kim Jung-min). done.

KT Rolster supporter Lehenz, who held the center of the team as the captain of KT Rolster, was selected as the regular league MVP, and Kang Dong-hoon,

who guided the players so that KT Rolster could take first place in the regular league in five years, was selected as the best coach.

Gen.G’s ‘youngest’ Faze (Kim Soo-hwan) was unanimously selected as the ‘Rookie of the Year’, who can only receive the award once during his career.

Kim Soo-hwan, who debuted in 2023, put Gen.G at the top by showing off his amazing kill catch ability, recording over 500 kills this year alone.

DePlus Kia’s jungler Canyon (Kim Gun-bu), who scored 1,200 points as the ‘Player of the Split’,

which goes to the player who was selected as the ‘Player of the Game’ the most in the 2023 LCK Summer Regular League. )

Hanwha Life Esports mid laner Jeka (Kim Kun-woo) were selected.

The two players who tied for first place will receive a prize of 2 million won each.

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