DRX, who took the last train from PO, will show ‘Miracle Run’ again this year

The main character of the last ticket for the 2023 LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) Summer Split Playoffs was DRX.


DRX overcame Guangdong Freecs with a set score of 2-0 on the 6th. In the match played on the same day,

KT Rolster defeated Liv Sandbox 2-0, securing their place in the playoffs in 6th place.

Attention is focusing on whether DRX, which won the League of Legends World Championship (Lold Cup) last year from the preliminary round, will be able to show off another ‘Miracle Run’.

DRX qualified for the 2023 League of Legends World Championship (Lold Cup) selection round by boarding the last train of the summer playoffs following last year.

If DRX loses in the first round of the playoffs, the championship points are tied with Liv Sanbak, who ranked 6th in the spring season with 10 points.

LCK Rules

However, according to the LCK rules, the summer season rankings take precedence, so DRX will advance to the selection round. 카지노사이트


With this, Beryl (Cho Joon-hee) kept the promise she made at the LCK Summer Split Opening Media Day last June.

Beryl, a DRX supporter, picked Liv Sanvac as the team she wanted to win at the time.

He expressed his will, saying, “If I’m going to look at the selection for a long time, I want to make the rank so that I can’t even go to the playoffs in Liv Sandbox.”

Although the process was rough, DRX eventually surpassed Liv Sanbak and boarded the last train of the playoffs, eventually achieving their goal of participating in the preliminary round.

DRX participated in the selection round last year as well last year in the championship points ranking.

However, at the time, he defeated both KT and Liv Sanbak after a close match that went up to 5 sets and won the world championship ticket.

Afterwards, starting from the play-in stage, they advanced to the finals and gained momentum by defeating Edward Gaming (EDG), a strong team in the Chinese league LPL.

Afterwards, in the finals, they captured T1 from the same Korean league, the LCK, and lifted the world championship trophy.

DRX, which had not been expected at all, drew attention from global fans by presenting a drama that was literally close to a ‘miracle’.

First Opponent

Ironically, DRX’s first opponent in the playoffs is Hanwha Life Esports, which belongs to Kingen (Hwang Seong-hoon) and Jeka (Kim Gun-woo), who played ‘Miracle Run’ last year.

Hanwha Life Insurance defeated Dplus Kia on the 5th and confirmed the final 3rd place in the regular season.

After that, they chose DRX as their opponent for the first round of the playoffs.


In this season’s DRX, there are only two main characters who shared the miracle last year, Beryl (Jun Hee) and Joo Han (Lee Joo Han).

Ahead of the 2023 season, veterans such as Rascal (Kim Kwang-hee) and Fate (Yoo Soo-hyuk) were recruited,

but the dominant evaluation is that their power has weakened relatively.

However, as no one predicted DRX’s World Championship victory last summer,

fans are paying attention to whether DRX will show off another ‘historical upset’ in the summer split playoffs and selection matches this year as well.

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