Women’s epee national team member Song Sera’s fiery determination
Threw her mask after losing a match3
Two-time world champion who grew up with her mind under control
Her short stature is compensated for by her quick feet.

Women’s fencing epee national champion Song Sera (Busan City Hall)

closes her eyes to calm her breathing before training on Tuesday afternoon.

Song, who won the individual and team titles at last year’s world championships,

will try to win a second epee title at the Hangzhou Asian Games, which begin next month.

Song Se-ra

(30-Busan City Hall), a national champion in women’s fencing epee,

has never been shy about expressing her feelings. When she was a third-grader at

Geumsan Girls’ Middle School in Chungcheongnam-do and was eliminated in the

quarterfinals of the 2008 National Youth Games, she took off her mask in frustration

and threw it on the ground, a rare occurrence in the “gentleman’s sport” of fencing.

At the time, 일본야동 Song slapped down his opponent’s hand when he asked to shake it after the match and stormed off the field.

But now, she’s a fencer who doesn’t usually show her emotions. Even without the mask,

it’s hard to read his facial expressions. Even Jang Na, who has been playing with her team,

Busan City Hall, for eight years, says, “Sometimes I feel sad because I can’t understand what she’s really thinking.”

“Even if the opponent is wearing a mask, you can tell their state of mind by looking at their movements, such as whether they are impatient or not,” said Song Se-ra,

who met with the team’s training center, Busan Asiad Stadium, on Tuesday.

“When I was younger, I would often attack in a hurry and then be counterattacked because I read the numbers, so I made a lot of efforts to hide my mental state.”

Unlike sabre and foil, epee is a fencing discipline where simultaneous strikes are allowed.

Because of this, it is relatively difficult to overturn a score once it is conceded.

Kim Sun-geun (51), head coach of Busan City Hall, said, “In epee, it’s easy to get impatient if you concede first,

but not in séra. Even when she’s behind, she’s very composed.” “That’s why our players

call her ‘the master of composure,'” he said.

Song is the No. 1 player in Korea in women’s epee. She is ranked No. 5 in the world,

the highest of any Korean player. She won the individual title at the World Cup in Barcelona last February.

At the World Championships in Cairo in July of the same year, she became a double winner,

taking the top spot in both the individual and team events. She was the first Korean

athlete to win two women’s epee titles at the World Championships. In May this year, she won the World Cup in Fujairah, defeating then world No. 1 Vivian Kong (HK).

Song’s “boiling point” came in 2014, her junior year of college, when she won her first individual

title at the Korea University Fencing Federation Championships. She went on to win

gold medals in every tournament she competed in, and in 2015, she was named to the national team’s first squad for the first time.

At 164 centimeters tall, 성인웹툰 Song is small for a fencer. Most of her opponents in

international competitions are over 170 centimeters tall. Her arms are also about 3 centimeters shorter than her opponents. This is why she uses a French grip, which is a bent stick, i

nstead of a pistol grip. The French grip is heavier than the pistol grip but longer.

What he doesn’t have in the way of physical strength, he makes up for with his feet.

She’s been fast since she was a kid. In school sports, she was always the last runner in the relay.

In dodgeball

she was always the last one standing. She used her quick feet to dodge flying balls.

“I have a habit of looking at my opponent’s feet before I start a game,” says Song Sera.

“Most of the taller players have big feet, which gives me an advantage to poke their feet,”

she says. “I’m sure I’m faster than them, so when I poke my feet, they light up like crazy.

Song will try to win both the individual and team titles at the Hangzhou Asian Games,

which kick off next month. “I think I can reduce the pain in my injuries before the Asian Games,”

he said. “I won two gold medals at the World Championships. I will challenge for a double

at the Asian Games,” he said. Song finished ninth individually at the World Championships in

Milan last month after suffering an Achilles tendon injury. 한국야동 Kim Hee-jeong (48-retired)

is the only South Korean woman to win a double in the epee event at an Asian Games since 2002 in Busan.

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