pitching match Cuevas still eating ‘same rice’

KT’s Cuevas

throws the ball in the first inning of the baseball game against visiting

Doosan at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Friday.

The confrontation between two foreign pitchers who ate one pot of rice led to a

famous pitching battle. 섯다 The pitcher who is still eating the same hot pot won the game.

Cuevas, 33, a foreign pitcher for the Korean baseball team KT,

started the game against visiting Doosan at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Friday and pitched seven innings of two-hit ball, striking out seven and giving his team a 1-0 victory.

Alcantara (31-Dusan), who played alongside Cuevas as part of KT’s foreign

“one-two punch” in the 2019 season, matched him with seven innings of four-hit, six-strikeout ball.

However, it was Cuevas who earned the win as KT scored the first run of the

game in the top of the eighth inning after Alcantara left the mound, and the

bullpen that followed Cuevas held on for the win.

Cuevas and Alcantara were two of KT’s “pot belly” foreign pitchers in the 2019 season.

Cuevas went 13-10 with a 3.62 ERA and Alcantara went 11-11 with a 4.01 ERA.

The 24 wins between the two foreign pitchers accounted for more than one-third of

KT’s total wins (71) that season.

However, after the season, Alcantara became a Doosan player when KT removed him

from the suspended list the following year after he suffered 11 losses while winning 11 games.

Doosan’s Alcantara

pitches against KT during their baseball game at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Friday.

Cuevas said, “It was a fun game to play against a close friend. After the game, I texted Alcantara and said, ‘Good job. You pitched well,'” he said, adding, “Alcantara has been playing really well this year. It’s an honor to share a good game with a player like him.”

Cuevas, who left KT last year due to an elbow injury and has gone six games without a loss since returning to the team in June, 온라인섯다 emphasized that he is “pitching while dreaming about the Korean Series.”

KT’s Kim Min-hyuk celebrates after hitting a game-winning triple against visiting Doosan during their baseball game at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Friday. Kim Min-hyuk was thrown out at home on a catcher’s tag.

With two outs in the top of the eighth inning, KT’s No. 9 batter Choi Jae-dae (28) took a four-pitch fastball from Doosan’s second pitcher Park Chi-guk (25) and lined it to right field.

Doosan’s right fielder Kim In-tae (29) fumbled the ball,

allowing Choi to rush to second base and create a scoring opportunity.

In this situation, Kim Min-hyuk (28), the leadoff hitter, connected a two-pitch fastball

from Park Chi-guk to left-center field for a three-run triple.

KT’s closer Kim Jae-yoon throws the ball for his 20th save of the season

in the bottom of the ninth inning with a 1-0 lead against visiting

Doosan during the baseball game at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Friday.

KT kept the Doosan bats at bay with one scoreless inning each from middle

reliever Park Young-hyun (20) in the eighth and closer Kim Jae-yoon (33)

in the ninth to secure the win.

Kim earned his 20th save of the season (3-2), becoming the sixth player

in KBO history to record 20 saves in four consecutive seasons.

Prior to Kim, Koo Dae-sung (54) and Son Seung-rac (41) recorded 20

saves in seven consecutive seasons, followed by Lim Chang-yong (47), Jin Pil-joong (51),

and Cho Myeong-jun (44-plus retired), who recorded 20 saves in four consecutive seasons.

With the win, third-place KT, which has won three straight, 고스톱 closed the gap on second-place SSG to two games.

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