Shin Yu-bin will challenge for gold medals in two doubles events at the Hangzhou Asian Games next month. 

The prelude to that

the competition where tickets to the Paris Olympics are at stake

will be held next week.

Shin Yu-bin has emerged as the biggest star of the Tokyo Olympics even without her medals.

Although she was sidelined for a year due to injury, she has performed brilliantly on every international stage she has competed in this year.

Last May, she teamed up with Jeon Ji-hee at the World Table Tennis Championships. 온라인섯다

She became the first Korean player to reach the women’s doubles final in 36 years

and she has won three and two gold medals at the World Table Tennis (WTT). occupied.

Most recently

she won both the women’s doubles and mixed doubles

raising expectations that she will win two doubles gold medals at next month’s Asian Games.

In women’s doubles

where she works with Jeon Ji-hee

who is a senior of the same age

she is ranked first in the world.

Shin Yu-bin/Table Tennis Team:

I trust my sister and will do everything I can

so I hope we can work together and achieve good results.

In mixed doubles

where she works with Lim Jong-hoon

she is ranked 3rd in the world

so not only will she win the Asian Games

but she will also qualify for next year’s Paris Olympics.

I am determined to get my hands on it early.

Lim Jong-hoon/Table Tennis Team:

I play so many matches with Yu-bin that now I can tell what her condition is just by looking at her eyes

so I’m not particularly worried about her breathing or anything like that

and I think she’s in good shape.

If she wins the Asian Championships held in Pyeongchang next week

she can get a direct ticket to the Olympics. It is good news that there is no strong Chinese team

but she must overcome her doubles partner

Jeon Ji-hee, to achieve her dream.

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