Say goodbye to ordinary sports.

A unique sports competition took place in England.

It’s enough to make you think

There’s a competition like this?’

Let’s take a look right away.

People fighting in a place covered in brown liquid.

It’s not blood.

What on earth is this? 

The more you toss around

the more it becomes messy

and the liquid that fills the stadium is gravy.

It has a salty 카지노사이트

umami flavor obtained by boiling down the meat juices

and is said to be a sauce often eaten in the English-speaking world.

Don’t eat

give in to the game~ It is said to be a popular contest that has been going on for nearly 15 years.

Participants have about 2 minutes to compete in this sauce mush to see if they will win or lose.

It is said that in order to win the championship

one must have not only wrestling skills but also flashy performances and entertainment.


if you are someone who just wants to laugh a lot

whether you win or lose

there is no better competition than this one.

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