Yoon is the daughter of Yoon Hak-gil, who is famous for his 100-game perfect game in the Korean Baseball Organization.

[Yoon Ji-soo/ National Fencing Sabre Team (August 2021): 24 years ago, I came to this mound for my father’s retirement ceremony, and it’s really a new feeling to be able to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on this mound].

The daughter of Yoon Hak-gil, the pitcher who quietly led Lotte and holds the record for the most complete games in baseball history.

Ji-soo Yoon is just like her father on the ice.

She played consistently, dedicated herself to the team, and won two Asian Games gold medals and one Olympic bronze medal in the ‘team event’ alone.

But this time was different.

Going it alone, he beat all his opponents and stood atop the podium.

After all the festivities, she also revealed a secret.

[Yoon Ji-soo/ National Fencing Sabre Team: The other side of my operated leg started to hurt and suddenly…the doctor at the athletes’ village came up to me during the semifinals with a syringe and injected me and started over].

As his daughter competed with a sore knee in the fastest and most aggressive sabre, which can even be ‘slashed’, her father, a ‘competitor’, watched coldly. 온라인카지노

[Yoon Hak-gil/KBO Talent Contributor: That’s Ji (self) Bok. If you take painkillers, I take them too, but I don’t go for a few hours. (But) she’s doing well after taking painkillers, maybe it’s because I play sports, but I don’t feel that much…]

It was once an uncomfortable label, but now Yoon Ji-soo is proud to carry her dad’s name.

[Yoon Ji-soo/ National Fencing Sabre Team: I’m still Yoon Hak-gil’s daughter, and I’m very proud of that].

Yoon’s competition was only half over.

In two days, she’ll go for her third consecutive gold medal in the team event and second straight at the Games.

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