South Korean jiu-jitsu athlete Koo Bon-cheol, 26, has won gold at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Koo defeated Bahrain’s Abdullah Munfaredi on points (4-1) in the men’s 77-kilogram jiu-jitsu final on Saturday at the Xiaoshan Linfu Gymnasium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China .Koo started the bout with great intentions and took control of the match by pressuring his opponent from the top.He scored an advantage point with 4:31 left in the match, and then added a second advantage point with a slick ground technique .Koo suffered a nosebleed from a rough play by his opponent with 4:08 left in the match, but after stopping the bleeding, he continued to play. The two players engaged in a power struggle and exchanged one penalty each with two and a half minutes left in the match .Koo continued to lead the offense from the top, while Abdullah continued to play guard .Koo gave up a point to his opponent, but regained the advantage with 1:37 left in the gam e.After exchanging one more penalty each, the two players battled hard in the final minutes of the match. Abdullah twisted and turned to find a loophole for Koo, but the Korean held on from the top and refused to give up the point. After submitting Abdullah with his strength, Koo roared in celebration after the buzzer sounded .In jiu-jitsu, a point is awarded for subduing an opponent for three seconds with a precise move, and an advantage is awarded if the move takes less than three seconds or is close to a point, as determined by the referee. On this day, neither athlete scored a point, but Koo took the advantage and won the match .This is the first time a Korean jiu-jitsu athlete has won a gold medal at the event .Jiu-jitsu became an official sport at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, where South Korea won one gold and one bronze medal. At the Games, Korea won one gold and two bronze medals, with Joo Sung-hyun winning bronze in the men’s 69-kilogram category on Friday and Park Jung-hye winning bronze in the women’s 52-kilogram category on Saturday, beating teammate Lim Eon-joo (Korea Jiu-Jitsu Association).On Sunday, Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games gold medalist 스포츠토토 Sung Kira (Daehan Ju Jitsu) will try to win her second straight women’s 63kg title.

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