Suwon Mayor “Expecting Shin Yubin to perform well in all competitions”

Table tennis gold medalist at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, Shin Yubin (19, Korean Air), has

donated electricity to low-income elderly people in Suwon.

Shin Yubin, who won gold in the women’s doubles event at the Asian Games, donated 20 million

won to Suwon City for elderly care, saying, “Please deliver it to low-income elderly people who live

alone,” the city said on Feb. 22.

With the donation, Suwon City plans to purchase 100,000 won worth of electric panels and deliver

them to 200 elderly people for personalized care.

“I have always been grateful to Suwon City because I have received a lot of help and support from

them since I was a child,” said Shin Yubin at the donation ceremony held at the Paldal Senior

Citizens’ Welfare Center on Nov. 21. “I received a reward from my team, Korean Air, for performing

well at the Hangzhou Asian Games, 카지노사이트랭크 and I thought it would be a good idea to use

part of it for a good cause,” he said.

“The weather is getting colder these days, and I hope this will help the elderly who are in a difficult

situation to have a warm winter,” he said.

Suwon Mayor Lee Jae-jun said, “I will convey the warmth of Shin Yubin’s heart to the elderly who

are experiencing difficulties in Suwon, and I wish her the best in all future competitions.”

Shin won a medal in every event she competed in at the Asian Games, including one gold and three

bronze medals, including a gold in the women’s doubles table tennis event. 고스톱

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