Austin Dean, 30, a foreign-born hitter for the LG Twins, is the second-to-last ‘passionate man’.

When he gets a hit, he celebrates louder than anyone else in the dugout, and he hits his teammates the hardest after returning from a home run.

Because of this Austin, the 2023 KBO Korean Series (KS), which is closely contested every game, is literally boiling with blood.

“I couldn’t sleep the first night,” Austin said ahead of Game 4 of the KS at Katie Weeds Park in Suwon on April 11. Once I got used to it, I felt relaxed and adrenaline pumping, but I haven’t slept well for the past four nights. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

His bat has also been one of the hottest on the team.

Austin, who has reached base in each of the first three games, is batting .417 (5-for-12) with one home run, five RBIs and two runs scored.

He opened the scoring with a three-run homer in the third inning and drew a bases-loaded walk in the ninth to set the stage for Oh’s game-winning three-run shot.

Austin is proud to still be playing at a time of year when he would normally be done with all baseball commitments and spending time with his family.

At the same time, he feels bad for his family.

Thanksgiving, the biggest American holiday, is coming up (the fourth Thursday in November), and he’s on the other side of the world.

“Being away from my family is a big sacrifice,” Austin says. But the postseason is something I’ve always wanted to experience, and I want to win,” Austin said of his desire for a championship ring.

For Austin, who grew up in the hot Texas sun through high school, the Korean Series in mid-November is bound to feel cold.

But he wears short-sleeved tees in training and swings the bat with gusto.

“I wear short sleeves to show that I’m tough. It’s kind of a bluff,” he confessed.

“When I was playing in Double-A in the U.S., I experienced 19 degrees Fahrenheit (about minus 7 degrees Celsius), but it’s cold now,” he said, adding, “I’m getting used to it (the weather).” 카지노사이트

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