Starting next year, strike and ball decisions will be made by robots instead of people in professional baseball.

The inherent authority of refereeing is given to a robot. How do the judges feel?

When the batter gets on base due to a walk, the manager protests harshly and is ejected, and the player who strikes out on an inside ball and confronts the umpire throws his helmet when ordered to leave.

There have been constant controversies and disputes in professional baseball due to ball decisions.

[Heo Woon/KBO Umpire Chairman: Since they are a bit strict about mistakes and errors

the umpires are under a lot of stress the day before the referee… ] 먹튀검증사이트

Umpires can be relieved of the burden next year.

The responsibility for determining the ball will be taken over by a robot instead of a person.

This is the first time in the world that a robot referee is in charge of making ball decisions on the first team stage.

Cameras installed throughout the stadium analyze the trajectory of the ball and deliver decision signals.

The referee simply announces the robot’s decision.

The minds of referees are complicated.

[Heo Woon/KBO Umpire Chairman: There is a slight difference (from the referee) in the decisions made by the ABS (robotic system) on both sides. Isn’t this something that needs to be coordinated? ]

Of course, there were positive effects in the Futures League, which has been in effect for four years.

[Heo Jeong-soo/KBO Umpire: There are cases where no protest is made because they know the machine is doing it.]

There are concerns that the game may be delayed because the robot’s decision must be heard and relayed through earphones

but in KBO, the controversy over ball decisions has disappeared, so it is more of a fight. I hope this will go away.

Professional baseball will introduce a ‘pitch clock’ next season to shorten playing time.

Accordingly, if the pitcher does not throw the ball within the designated time or the batter does not prepare to hit

an unfavorable ball decision will be made.

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