‘I didn’t mean to hit you. I want to apologize!” (Draymond Green)

‘No, I don’t believe it!’ (NBA Office)

On the 18th (KST), ESPN published an interview with Draymond Green.

‘Hours before the NBA handed down the indefinite suspension, Green told ESPN that he intended to call Nurkic and apologize. He also reiterated that he did not intend to hit Nurkic,” the report said.

He told the outlet, ‘I only apologize for things I didn’t mean to do. I want to apologize because I didn’t mean to do that (hit Knickerbocker), and I’m not that kind of person (to be intentionally violent on the court).

However, Green’s “apology” was met with a chilly response.

“Green is one of the most engaging characters in the NBA – he’s passionate when he defends himself and tries to explain his actions in each incident,” the outlet criticized. ‘The NBA either doesn’t want to hear it anymore or doesn’t believe it. Either way 토토사이트 , I hope the violent arguments, excuses, and defenses end.

His nickname is now “The Outlaw of the Court.”

He has been involved in numerous incidents. He’s been involved in countless incidents, with no sign of remorse.

Already in the off-season, he threw a punch at teammate Jordan Poole during a team drill. He seemed to be reticent. This season, however, he put Minnesota center Rudy Gobert in a headlock in a game against Minnesota.

He claimed it was to prevent a collision between Klay Thompson and McDaniels, but it was intentional. Green was suspended for five games.

He was suspended again, this time for a “spin punch” to Yusuf Nurkic in a game against Phoenix. Again, he claimed it was an accidental hit during a scuffle, but the slow replay showed it was intentional.

The NBA exploded, and the NBA Office of the Commissioner, which has been a “soft touch” on Green’s numerous incidents, decided to suspend him indefinitely.

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