Uijeongbu Happiness Special City has advanced to the Legends Go League championship match for the first time since its inception.

Uijeongbu defeated regular-season runner-up KH Energy 2-0 in the third round of the 2023 Sofalcosanol Legends League playoffs on Wednesday afternoon at Mazang-ro Go TV Studio in Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

With this victory, Uijeongbu reached the championship match with an overall record of 2-1.

This is the first time Uijeongbu Happiness Special City, which was founded in 2019, has appeared in a postseason, let alone a championship game.

In the third game of the final round, Uijeongbu Happiness Special City took the initiative by defeating KH Energy’s No. 1 player Kim Soo-jang 9th dan.

Uijeongbu’s ace, Yoo Chang-hyuk, is undefeated in 10 postseason matches.

Second-ranked Kim Dong-yeop 9-dan then sealed the win with a hundred and five moves in 304 moves against specialty foreign player Yoda Norimoto 9-dan.

Dong-yeop Kim looked down in the dumps at one point in the middle game, with his AI predicted win rate dropping below 1%, but he quickly turned the tide after Yoda capitalized on several loose pieces.

Kim Dong-yeop, who was 4-10 in the regular season and had lost three straight in the postseason, led Uijeongbu to the final with a dramatic upset.

After the game, Yoo Chang-hyuk said, “Personally, I’ve played from second to fourth place in the past, but this time I want to share my joy by winning the championship because it was difficult.”

Kim Dong-yeop said, “I’m sorry and grateful to my teammates, and I’ll do my best in the future.”

After passing through the semifinals and playoffs, the team will face regular-season champion Yes Moon Kyung in Game 3 of the championship on July 7.

In the regular season, Yes Moon Kyung defeated Uijeongbu 2-1 in both the first and second halves.

The championship prize of the 2023 Saw Palcoholic Legends League is 30 million won, while the runner-up prize is 15 million won. 토토사이트

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