Sports Toto, the only legal sports betting company in Korea, hit a high dividend of 370,000 times. According to Sports Toto Korea, the trustee of Sports Toto, a sports promotion voting ticket issued by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, on the 9th, in the proto match ceremony, there was a high-dividend winner in January 2024 as well as in 2023.

This year’s winner correctly guessed the results of all 10 target matches selected by himself in the ‘3rd Proto Competition’ released on the 3rd.The target games include one domestic professional basketball (KBL) game, six Spanish professional soccer Primera Liga (La Liga) games, and one national soccer match (A match). Sports Toto Korea reported that the odds of winning each target game item were 2.54 to 4.50 times, and the combined odds were about 370,000 times.

He then added that the winner who bet 200 won will receive a winnings of about 74 million won.Sports Toto Korea reported that in the 37th round of the proto game plan published in 2023, the winner guessed the results of all 10 domestic and foreign professional soccer games, including Korea (K League), Japan (J League), and England (Premier League), and recorded an odds of 980,000 times. .This hitter bet 1,000 won 카지노사이트킹 and won about 980 million won.

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