Baek Hyun-woo (played by actor Kim Soo-hyun) cries as he confides in a friend about his difficult marriage in 'Queen of Tears.' Courtesy of tvN

In the latest episode of tvN’s “Queen of Tears,” starring actor Kim Soo-hyun captivates audiences with his portrayal of a privileged character’s desolation through a series of pitiful and comedic ideas.Playing the role of Baek Hyun-woo, a chaebol family son-in-law, Kim explores the complexities of diminished self-esteem and the intricacies of marriage within a wealthy family.This role marks a 180-degree turn from his previous portrayals of strong and reliable characters, showcasing his versatility as an actor. The transformation of the “prince of hallyu” into a pitiful married man was brought to life at the request of screenwriter Park Ji-eun, who wanted Kim to fully embrace comedy in the role.This shift in acting style contributed significantly to the drama’s success, with “Queen of Tears” achieving a viewership rating of 18.9 percent, making it the fourth highest-rated drama on tvN, following “Crash Landing on You” (21.7 percent, 2019), “Goblin,” (20.5 percent, 2015) and “Reply 1988 “(19.5 percent, 2015).The transformation of Kim’s acting style has not gone unnoticed. Drama critic Gong Hee-jung praised Kim for his ability to “naturally transition between comedy and seriousness, immersing himself in the drama.”Pop culture critic Jung Deok-hyun noted, “With his charm of extremes, Kim Soo-hyun richly embodies the duality of his character. Kim’s performance, particularly the scene where his character laments his difficult marriage, was improvised, showcasing his natural talent and understanding of the character’s depth. His ability to bring laughter to the set, described by his colleagues as a “mood booster,” has also contributed to a positive atmosphere during filming.

After his military service in 2017, Kim returned to acting with newfound ease, shedding the unnecessary worries that had previously plagued him. This period of reflection has allowed him to approach his roles with a more relaxed perspective, a change that has been well-received by audiences and critics alike.Kim’s performance, especially his comedic delivery, has sparked widespread acclaim on social media, with many viewers expressing amazement at his acting range. Despite his character’s often clumsy demeanor as a husband, Kim simultaneously conveys deep love for his terminally ill wife, played by Kim Ji-won, and his meticulous nature as a lawyer.”Different from the typical youth stars who focus on romantic comedies, Kim Soo-hyun has expanded his acting range across various genres, from historical dramas to thrillers, naturally transitioning between comedy and seriousness, thus immersing the audience in the drama,” Gong said. His ability to embody the duality of his characters has been praised, with cultural critic Jung noting, “With his boyish face and mature voice, Kim Soo-hyun richly brings out the character’s dual nature.”An improvised scene by Kim, where his character complains about his marriage while drunk, became a highlight of the series. This ad-lib, parodying a moment from the drama “Fight for My Way” (2017) where actor Kim Ji-won boasted about her natural beauty, showcased Kim’s commitment to his role, even checking camera angles before shooting to ensure the comedic moment was captured perfectly.Kim, who made his debut in the sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile” in 2007, has now been active in the 토토사이트 industry for 18 years.

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