Kim Wendy, who made a name for herself as a wrestler on “Refugee 2,” looks nervous.

[“Are you nervous? (Yes.)”]

[“Plum! Go!”]

The first team to compete at nationals.

[“Plum Blossom Elementary School uses its option to send out Kim Wendy, the fifth warrior, first.”]

Kim Wendy, who competed with a strong spirit, attacked with her main weapon, the baejigi, but was reversed and lost the first game, and in the second game, after a close fight, she was knocked down by a grab.

In the end, the team lost and Kim, who finished her first national tournament in the quarterfinals of the team event and the round of 16 of the individual event, shed tears of disappointment.

[Lee Chang-hee/Anshan Plum Blossom Wrestling Head Teacher: “You’re the first one to come out this time, so of course you didn’t show your skills. Don’t be upset. Okay?”]

Despite her disappointing results, her mother is proud of Wendy for not giving up and becoming a licensed wrestler.

[Dorcas/Kim Wendy’s mom: “Don’t worry, it’s your first time. Keep going. Work hard. Okay?” Kim Wendy: “I’ll try harder next time and bring you a prize. Cheers!”]

After three years in labor, Wendy, who became a full-fledged athlete from this competition, and who finally realized her dream by challenging herself beyond her nationality, 카지노사이트넷 now has her eyes set on higher heights.

[Kim Wendy/Ansan Plum Blossom: “There are so many people who are good at the national competition. I’ll try harder next time and win.”]

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