What will be the future of former Rakuten Golden Eagles pitcher Tomohiro Anraku, who repeatedly assaulted and sexually harassed junior players?

Anraku, who established himself as a key member of the Rakuten team by achieving double-digit holds for three consecutive years, including reaching 25 holds in 2021

was later revealed to have repeatedly assaulted and sexually harassed junior players.

The club confirmed the damage through an internal investigation targeting 137 players

coaching staff, and club officials, and excluded Anraku from the list of pending players.

The club said on its official website, “We sincerely apologize for the incident that has caused concern and concern. 바카라사이트닷컴

I am deeply reflecting on my failure to create an environment where players can receive counseling,” he said.

He also added, “We will set up a counseling center to prevent bullying or similar acts from occurring in the future, and take measures to prevent recurrence through continuous education.”

On the 16th, the Japanese media ‘Daily Gendai’ published an article about the future plans of Anraku, who repeatedly assaulted and sexually harassed junior players.

The media reported, “Due to this unfortunate incident, playing in Japanese professional baseball is virtually blocked.

It is unclear whether there will be an independent baseball team that would accept Anraku,” he said, giving a negative outlook.

The media’s analysis is that it is virtually impossible for Anraku to advance to the KBO league. ‘Daily Gendai’ said

Korea has only three foreign players, and all three cannot be filled with only pitchers or batters. “Even if the team consists of two pitchers

they basically want first and second starters, so there is almost no room for a relief pitcher like Anraku,” the report said.

‘Daily Gendai’ also said, “Korea is more strict than Japan. He added, “If you are caught drunk driving, you will be expelled immediately.”

The media predicted, “There is a possibility that Taiwanese professional baseball, which actively utilizes Japanese players

will get an opportunity with a short-term contract,” and predicted

It is all self-sufficiency, but you may get a chance to extend your playing career on the overseas stage.”

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