Howard Webb, chairman of the British Football Officials’ Organization (PGMOL), pledged to further enhance the authority of England referees in the wake of the assault on referee Turkiye.

On the 16th (Korean time), the British Mirror emphasized that “Web should set an example” to Premier League clubs to prevent the incident of assaulting a referee that occurred in Turkye from happening in the UK. He said, “I did it.” 토토사이트

On the 12th, after the 15th round match of the Turkye First Division ended 1-1, Ankaraj President Farouk Koca stormed into the stadium and punched referee Halil Umut Meler, who was in charge of refereeing the match.

Ankara maintained a 1-0 lead after scoring a goal in the 14th minute of the first half, but the opposing team, Rizespor, scored a dramatic equalizer in the 52nd minute of extra time in the second half, leading to a 1-1 draw.

After the match ended, an enraged Coca immediately punched Meler in the eye area. Meler was hospitalized.

When this incident occurred, the league was also abruptly halted. In addition, it was an issue whose impact grew as media from all over the world raced to bring it up as a hot topic. As a former referee and chairman of the refereeing body

Webb also showed his determination to eradicate referee-related crimes and insults that are rampant in the UK.

Webb claimed that he would work to strengthen the authority of British referees, using the incident experienced by referee Meler in Turkye as an excuse.

According to the Mirror, Webb said, “What happened in Turkye was outrageous,” and added, “We know that incidents (such as referees being assaulted) do happen in the lower leagues.

He said, “We will eradicate such behavior by setting a good example starting from the Premier League.”

However, Webb also made a somewhat absurd claim to respect the decision, saying, “Just accept it,” despite the referee’s misjudgment.

He said, “Sometimes there may be misconceptions. However, he said, “We have to accept the fact that referees often make mistakes,” and he said, “We need to approach these issues with a little more maturity.”

He went on to say, “The response method has become fixed for the players, such as rushing to the referee when a misjudgment occurs,” and “It takes time to eradicate this.”

He concluded his remarks by asserting, “We must mirror the incident in Türkiye and work to prevent something like this from happening in England as well.” 

The widespread problems with the treatment of referees in England have been disclosed by the PGMOL and the Football Association (FA).

It was reported that the number of disciplinary actions such as warnings and expulsions for insulting referees in the Premier League this season has increased by 88%.

However, the number of incidents of insulting comments to referees in the Premier League is still not decreasing. In the case of Manchester City (Man City) players, they immediately expressed their anger when referee Simon Hooper

who was in charge of the 14th round Premier League match against Tottenham Hotspur on the 4th, did not recognize the situation in their favor.

In particular, the sight of Erling Holland protesting the decision in anger was an incident that had enough influence to become a meme.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was also indicted by the FA after protesting the referee’s decision at the end of the 11th round Premier League match against Newcastle United, calling it “a disgrace and a disgrace to football.” Discussion of the case was concluded with no disciplinary action after the hearing.

Moreover, when you move to the amateur, semi-professional, or professional lower leagues, the treatment of referees becomes more serious.

Last month, British media outlet ‘Daily Mail’ covered the treatment of lower league referees and reported the poor situation of British referees, saying, “Sometimes they are threatened with knives and punched in the chin.” >

However, due to the nature of the sport, where there is not much change in the score, the judgment is very important.

It is pointed out that it is natural for players to protest the decision when an advantageous attack opportunity is cut off. In the 7th round of the Premier League

when Tottenham and Liverpool faced each other, Liverpool’s Luis Diaz scored the first goal, but Liverpool had to lose a legitimate point due to a mistake by the VAR (video assistant referee).

In addition, the fact that there are many areas where players have no choice but to protest because there is no correction in matters where subjective judgment may be involved

such as handballs and dangerous tackles, is also acting as a counter to the expansion of referee authority.

Meanwhile, Webb also announced plans to reduce the number of misjudgments by introducing semi-automatic offside in the Premier League starting next season.

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