SSG coach Lee Soong-yong concluded the team’s first training camp held at the Jackie Robinson Training Center in Vero Beach, Florida, saying, “It was a process in which a question mark turned into an exclamation point.” He commented overall. Although this is a team where many concerns are raised in many aspects, he is confident that “if we stand firm, there will be no problems,” and he is confident that it was a camp in which many positive aspects were identified in the process.

As this was a team that had a lot of trouble throughout the winter, we paid a lot of attention to establishing a good team atmosphere. The coach moved his body diligently and did not shy away from physical contact with the players. During the interview process with the players, the coach narrowed the gap by clearly conveying what he thought without repeating it, while also listening to the players’ thoughts. The significantly reorganized coaching staff also brightened the camp atmosphere with their own energy. As a result, SSG now has a clear goal and has laid the foundation for moving forward together toward that goal. This may have been the biggest achievement of this camp.

Coach Lee is busy planning the team’s strength. There are also negative reviews saying that the team is not in the top 5 in terms of objective power, but Coach Lee said that would not be the case and that he believes in his players. Although it was not specifically stated, the goal was to have a higher number of wins than last year. Now, before leaving for the second Taiwan Chiayi Camp, which focuses on actual matches, Coach Lee directly and honestly answered questions posed by fans through the reporter’s SNS and email. fans asked. Director Lee Soong-yong responded.

Manager Lee Soong-yong: For now, Cho Byeong-hyun is focusing on the bullpen rather than the starters. And until Seo Jin-yong comes in, Moon Seung-won will be in charge of finishing. He has framed it that way and is pondering it carefully. Currently, in addition to Seung-won Moon, Noh Kyung-soo thinks that Ko Hyo-jun is sure to be Seung-jo. It is not used in situations where one is losing, but is designed to ensure that the game is won. I plan to think a little more about whether it is right to finish as a group or whether I should mainly look at Seung-won Moon. With such concerns in mind, I plan to use Byung-Hyun Cho in the front of the bullpen, in a more comfortable situation for now.

Jo Byung-hyun is so much better than I expected. He reports that the bullpen pitching was close to perfect. Now we have to see how he throws during games. People around me told me a lot about him as a friend whom I had high expectations for, and I am also very satisfied with his pitching so far. That kind of picture should also appear in games. I plan to watch the mound operation and even facial expressions in detail.

Director Lee Soong-yong: Shin Heon-min is also very worried. There seems to be a lot of concern on the pitcher side when making Taiwan’s entry (Shin Heon-min was decided to join the second camp). He’s come up quicker than expected, judging by his pitching picture. Now, I think we can calculate to some extent by looking at what he throws during the game.

You need to talk to the front desk about the position. He is thinking that he needs to find direction. Currently, he is competing in the bullpen, but if he thinks he is a little less competitive in the bullpen, one way would be to take starting classes in the second team. Rather than deciding on the position myself, I think it would be better to consult with the front office and find the right direction for that player. It must be set clearly. Bullpen and starting pitchers are different in terms of body building. Going back and forth between seasons can be difficult for a player. If you decide that you need to take a selection class, you have to watch it for one or two years without skipping the rotation in the Futures League, and if there is a puncture in the first team selection, you can come to the first team and deal with it. Our team does not have many starting resources. There are a lot of people, about 7 people. I think there needs to be about 9 people for the season to start, but I’m having concerns.

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