Heungkuk Life Insurance’s Kim Yeon-kyung, “The Rise of Cheong Kwan-Jang is Scary, But it would be Good if they Catch Hyundai”

Heungkuk Life Insurance, ranked 2nd, trails Hyundai Engineering & Construction,

ranked 1st, by 2 points.

Kim Yeon-kyung (36, Heungkuk Life Insurance) hopes that the momentum of third-place Cheong Kwan-jang (56 points, 18 wins, 14 losses),

who recently had a five-game winning streak, will break before the postseason.

However, on the 2nd, I plan to support Jeong Kwan-jang.

Kim Yeon-kyung

Heungkuk Life Insurance defeated Korea Expressway Corporation with a set score of 3-1 (25-14 25-20 21-25 25-17) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League women’s home game held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 1st.

Reached 70 (25 wins, 7 losses).

At the same time, Heungkuk Life Insurance secured ‘second place’. 바카라사이트

Even if Cheong Kwan Jang wins all four remaining games and adds 12 points,

he cannot beat Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Heungkuk Life Insurance and Kim Yeon-kyung are not satisfied with ‘securing second place.’

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has narrowed the gap with first-place Hyundai Engineering & Construction (72 points, 24 wins, 7 losses),

which has played one less game, to 2 points, is aiming for a ‘last-minute turnaround’.

Although Hyundai Engineering & Construction still holds the magic number to secure first place in the regular league,

Heungkuk Life Insurance

Heungkuk Life Insurance saved the possibility of a ‘reversal’ with a win that day.

The Heungkuk Life Insurance imagines a thrilling scene in which Cheong Kwan-jang catches Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the 2nd,

and they win the match against Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the 12th and regain first place in the regular league.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who met after the game with Korea Expressway Corporation, said,

“We lost to Cheong Kwan-jang in the last game (February 24th).

If we had won that day, we could have taken the lead, but we missed that game,

so of course the team atmosphere was not good.”

This upward trend took place.

He was wary of Cheong Kwan-Jang’s upward trend, saying, “Megawatty Puttywi (registered name: Mega) and Giovanna Milana (registered name: Zia) have good firepower.”

He added, “Cheong Kwan-Jang is an opponent that we will have to face in the postseason.

We have no choice but to be conscious of the recent rise of such a team, he added.

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