The Winner of the K-League 1 Opening Match ‘Best Friend Match’ is Hong Myung-bo… “An Important Victory”

Hong Myung-bo: “We overcame the pressure of the East Coast derby”

“We got an important win in a big game.”

The victory in the ‘best friend coach’ match in the opening game of the professional soccer Hana Bank K-League 1 2024 went to coach Hong Myung-bo, who leads Ulsan HD.

Ulsan, led by coach Hong, defeated Pohang Steelers,

led by coach Tae-ha Park, at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on the 1st.

Hong Myung-bo

In the opening game of the first round of this season’s K-League 1,

they won 1-0 thanks to Ataru’s winning goal in the 6th minute of the second half. 카지노사이트

The opening game on this day had enough box-office elements to attract the attention of fans in many ways.

First of all, Ulsan was the K-League 1 champion last year,

and Pohang was the winner of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup,

so the ‘champion match’ was the biggest topic of the day’s game.

In addition, Ulsan and Pohang were rival teams that had been playing the ‘East Coast Derby’.

The relationship between the two teams’ command towers also emerged as a new ‘point to watch’.

Ulsan coach Hong and Pohang coach Park are famous for being close friends in the soccer world.

Park Tae-ha

Coach Park’s birthday is early, but he and Coach Hong, who was born in 1969,

formed a close relationship with him by shining on the professional stage at the same time,

and they both lit up the K-League stage as Pohang’s ‘one-club men’.

Coach Park wore the Pohang uniform from 1991 to 2001,

and Coach Hong played from 1992 to 2002, just one year later,

and were both inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ selected by the Pohang club.

Meanwhile, as Coach Park took charge of Pohang in December last year,

a ‘best friend match’ took place in the opening game of this year’s K League 1.

Previously, Coach Hong and Coach Park had a humorous war of words at the opening media day held on the 26th of last month.

At the time, Coach Hong said, “Coach Park said, ‘I think the grass at Ulsan Munsu Stadium is not good,’ so I said, ‘Are you worried about the grass right now?’”

Coach Park also said, “Coach Hong said, ‘Your seat isn’t permanent. “

I want to tell you, ‘Be careful,’” he responded.

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