“You don’t train in tactics?” criticism → “I was the best under Conte”

Eric Dier is brimming with confidence. He even talked about his hometown team, Tottenham.

“Dyer has revealed that manager Enze Postecoglou doesn’t do tactical training with him,” Football London reported on Tuesday.

Dyer recently sat down with Neville and opened up about his playing career, his time at Spurs, and more. In the process, he also spoke directly about the circumstances leading up to his departure from Spurs.

“Interestingly, Postecoglou doesn’t do any tactical training, what he does is he does all the training from Monday to Friday, the way he wants to do it,” Dyer said, “Conte does a lot of tactical work from Monday to Friday. He was so well trained that it was ingrained in me,” he said, comparing Postecoglou’s and Conte’s tactical training.

“Jose Mourinho and Conte are amazing people, I learned a lot from them, I really liked him as a person, he’s an honest and kind person,” he added, praising Conte and Mourinho.

As for Postecoglou, “I enjoyed it, except that I didn’t play. I had good coaches and I think his intensity in meetings and training was great,” he says, offering little praise for the tactical or human side of the game.

Dier also claimed that he was at his best under Antonio Conte: “I can’t say my form has dropped since the World Cup. I’ve played my best football at Tottenham since Antonio Conte came, and I’ve continued to do so since coming to Bayern. People see me as a 37-year-old, but I’m still 30, my best years are not over,” he said, emphasizing that he has never been sluggish.

However, Dybala’s argument is not easy to convince. While there were moments of brilliance when Conte first arrived, Dyche’s form was desperate shortly before Conte left Spurs. Even before leaving Spurs on loan this season, it’s hard to imagine that Dier was in good form and was actually a non-factor.

Despite pushing Kim Min-Jae out of the starting lineup at Bayern, there are still questions about Dyer’s form. Even in the recent defeat to Dortmund, Dier’s slow movement and lackluster covering abilities from his time at Tottenham were on full display. In the previous game against Arsenal, he was involved in both of their goals.

Some Tottenham fans were quick to criticize Dyer when the news of his interview broke. “If you count the mistakes you made at Tottenham, you can see why Spurs didn’t win the title,” they wrote, “You’re just stuck in the ‘what if’ mode.”

The England international has been playing for Tottenham since 2014. With Harry Kane’s departure to Bayern, Dier is the longest-tenured player in the 바카라사이트 current Tottenham squad, with the exception of Hugo Lloris. Despite being one of the most experienced players in the team, his form has been declining. He started at least 30 league games in every season from 2015-16 to 2017-18, but in recent seasons he has been criticized by fans for being too shaky in defense.

He was not part of new coach Angie Postecoglou’s plans ahead of this season. Postecoglou has opted to use Cristian Romero and freshman Mickey Vander Penn as his starting center back pairing.

Eventually, Dier left Tottenham for Bayern, where he was given a new chance. Luckily, Dier has settled in nicely at Bayern. He’s been a regular starter, even pushing out first-choice center back Kim Min-Jae, and the German media has nothing but good things to say about him. However, this interview is unlikely to go down well with Tottenham fans.

Even after leaving Tottenham, it’s hard to see how Dier will endear himself to Spurs fans with his interviews.


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